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Monday, August 22, 2011

Magnetic attraction

I must admit that I readily throw stuff out in a heartbeat if I can't find a good use for it! But, thanks to the land of blog, I am now finding uses for things I never dreamed of! I will take credit for this next one, though! This one I thought up of all on my own - which may or may not have been thought up by some of you!

OK, so we get all kinds of those magnets that have calendars, reminders or what-not on them - especially from church.  The idea is that you put it on the frig and have it all year with dates to the event. But, when the year is over you no longer need it!

I hate to waste the magnet - it's big - but I also don't need it anymore! So, I use it for labeling my metal shelving!  I put the label right onto the magnet, like this:

Then, just take the scissors and cut it out and stick it to the metal!  Easy-peezy! I must admit something before I show you more.  You will laugh, but I did NOT realize that the front of the shelf in my frig was NOT metal until I tried to hang my magnet on it.  Good grief, Becky! It's PLASTIC!  I was totally fooled for the last 15+ years we've owned this frig! I still don't want to adhere a sticker-label directly on to the plastic, so I just turned it over and put tape on it!

You caught me! OH, and my tile counter-tops need to be cleaned a bit, eh?  Ok, so in my freezer they ARE metal and I put them in there, too!

And I also use them in my laundry room.  I like them because I can move them around quickly and easily should I decide to change things up!

What do you think?


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