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Friday, August 19, 2011

Features of the Toy Clean Out Party

Last Friday we had our Toy Clean Out Link Party!  Believe it or not...we had a FEW of you who decided to take the challenge and link up! I LOVED seeing all your hardwork and how you were teaching your children to do the same!


It was my very first link party and I had very minimal expectations on how "many" of you would link up or email your pictures.  But, even if there wasn't a lot of you who actually posted it, I know many of you said it was something you were working on, had worked on, or were thinking about doing it soon! So, that's fine! 

However, I want to feature a few of your fabulous toy clean outs!  First up is Beth@Aria Gardens:

Her kids worked hard to clean out their rooms and their basement and all their books too.

In the end it looks great and they got rid of a lot of stuff. Go over there and see all the pictures and read her story of her children's joy in giving their toys away!

Always just a Mom made these very cute labels to keep her kids toys organized!

Leiah {Pink Lady}@Rosey Glasses did a smashing job with her little one!

Carrie@The Created Home had a hilarious story to tell about four little girls that made a big mess!

And turned their basement gone wrong from this....

Into this...

Be sure to go over and see all the pictures and tell them "hello" and leave a nice comment, if you haven't already! They worked hard and got those toys cleaned.  

If your blog was featured, feel free to grab this button and post on your blog!


We'll have another link party with some organizing and cleaning-type of theme! So, be sure to stay tuned!