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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How I organize my bedroom: The nightstands

I have been letting you in to see our Master Bedroom and how I've organized my closet and my vanity.  The last thing I'll show you is my nightstand.  

This is where my slippers are kept! Ready and waiting for my tootsies!

Having a nightstand or bedside table is pretty important. I'd say if you don't have one, I'm not sure what you are doing with all your stuff.  We all need somewhere to put our clock, have a light, and set any stuff down at night.

Crazy me, I set my clocks 20 minutes ahead {I think it's 20 minutes....can't remember}

I chose to have large nightstands, mostly because I took out our dresser, incorporated it into the closet, and they hold a lot of stuff.  Yes, it's some of our personal stuff, but it also holds sweet things - like notes from my Sweetie and my kiddos!

This beautiful, silver box I got for my 40th birthday!  It's empty, but it's engraved with a personal message and verse from my friend!

I have my nightly routine and keep many of my essentials in my top drawer:  chapstick, facial cream, eye drops {I have chronically dry eyes}.  I even keep some pens and a couple of books.  My hubby doesn't prefer I read in bed, but sometimes I may get in bed early and read or when he's out of town on business I will read to help me relax.

Before:  not terribly messy, but not functioning well.
After:  Pretty paper, organized, functional.  I used a cardboard jewelry box for my pens, a plastic case from my prescription to hold my chapstick, then I have a book light {in the black cover}, and glasses case and re-used the plastic containers {one for cards from my Honey and the other for Bible and other books}.
The drawers in my nightstand are deep and wide. So, I'm able to hide all kinds of junk necessities in there. 

Before: This middle drawer was a mess!
After:  Got rid of the mess! Lined it with my wrapping paper. It holds my lotion {my hands get so dry at night}, a baby monitor {now only used when a kid is sick}, and my swim attire {which isn't much!}
 One of the drawers even holds my swimwear - although I honestly don't swim much, rarely.  But, for some reason I seem to need to have something for that rare occasion I really do put a bathing suit on.

Before:  My bottom drawer was also a mess!
After:  Made this drawer just for my "To Mommy" sweet things drawer!
Nope.  It's not fancy.  My drawers have a few containers in them to keep things separated.  But, really my point here is that you can use a nightstand for more than just your clock.   Hubby and I have separate clocks and I even set mine 20 minutes ahead, which he thinks is insane. But, I'm telling you, at 5:30 in the morning, I'm so out of it that I can't remember what the real time is and it helps me get out of bed! 

Do you have a nightstand?  What do you keep on top of it?