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Monday, June 6, 2011

Are you on the OMF Facebook page?

Are you a Facebooker?  I actually have several friends {uh, um} that are NOT on Facebook at all! Yes, some braves souls dare to stay away...ha, ha!!

Well, if you ARE on Facebook be sure to go over to Organizing Made Fun blog page.  We have a lot of great chats between us - I post great organizing pictures nearly everyday, keep you caught up on anything new that I see that's amazing, and remind you to check the blog for any fascinating new things!   

Then, there is Twitter, too!  Oh, my!  I must admit that I'm not Twittering nearly as much as Facebooking.  Do you like all those words I just made up?  Either way, if you want to chit-chat, those are two great ways to hook up with others who want to organize, comment, laugh about crazy ideas, and such!

SOOOOOO many of you have asked me for a Pinterest invite!!  It's truly humbling how many of you are on there following my pinboards! There doesn't seem to be a limit as to how many I can invite, so if you ask then I will send you an invitation - I've already sent out more than a hundred!  For all those who are on there, isn't Pinterest just the most fun?  So much inspiration! {Email subscribers, simply reply directly to this emailed post and it goes right to my email!}.  Email here for an invite.

There you have it....more ways than you thought imaginable to keep up with Organizing Made Fun {OMF for short}.  I have some GREAT readers and you all have been phenomenal at leaving wonderful comments and sending me awesome, encouraging emails!  Thanks, thanks, thanks!!