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Monday, February 7, 2011

My favorite cleaning tool!

I admit WAS an infomercial that hooked me!  Seriously, I never watch them but for some reason it got me! I put this on my Christmas list over a year ago - the Shark pocket steam mop! And I LOVE it!

For me it was a few reasons why I bought into this.  

  • First of all, I didn't have to go and buy a solution at the store - it only needs WATER.  Ummm, that's free! {Ok, not totally free, but pretty close}.  
  • Second, I didn't have to go and buy mop pads at the store - I could re-use the same ones again and again by washing them in the washing machine along with all my other dirty rags and cleaning things {with my Shaklee products I use lots, save lots and just wash the rags}
  • Third, it sanitizes with WATER {a.k.a. steam}!
  • Last....having about 75% of my home with hardwood floors or lineoleum floors, it gets a LOT of use!  {Insert smile}

I was so impressed with the shark pocket floor steamer that I got the portable steamer.  Unfortunately, I'm not as happy with that one.  I DO use the garment steamer attachment most.  I also like the attachment you can use to sanitize your mattresses and couches! But, it is just awkward and takes me more time to set up than I can just use my spray products and wipe down - I've used it for other stuff, but I probably should have waited.

Now there is the all in one steam and vacuum!  If my pocket steamer ever goes out...this one will be what I buy next!!  This would save me a ton of time cleaning and vacuuming!  Any of you have one?  If so, what do you think? 

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