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Friday, February 4, 2011

California garden in bloom!

Yes, I must admit that living in California has it's perks! It also has it costs, though {smog, traffic, and high cost of living}.  One of my joys is working in the garden, which is what I have been doing the last couple of weeks, when I've had the chance.  The first daffodils have sprung up in my front yard...

Pretty daffodil!

They are so lovely! I plant about 50 bulbs every year that I have lived here - so we have nearly 200 daffodils that spring up beginning in late January or early February.  The first one arrived early this year - the first week of January.  It was a lovely surprise!

Bacopa flowers spilling over!

The other flowers are happy too!  My camellia bushes have been blooming early, as well.  They enjoy being on the east side of our home, where it shady most of the day.  They are old and bloom profusely!

 So, if you are under ten inches {or more} of snow, here is a little California cheer to bring your way! Maybe the Groundhog will let you know that spring will come sooner this year!

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