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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Don't walk away - how to have a {fake} immaculate house (part 4)

One of the things that I realized that I do in order to keep the house up is that I am constantly looking for something when I come and go. For instance, if I go downstairs into our basement to do anything, I'm always looking around for what else needs to go down there.  If I'm on my way up, I look for something that needs to go up.  If I go across the house, I look for something to take with me.  I don't really even think about it much anymore because it's become SO automatic for me.  I feel strange if I don't bring something from one place to another.  If I am in a room, I look around to check and see what needs to be put away or taken out, or straightened.  With all the visitors I have coming and going in this house, it's one of the ways that I can keep up with things.

My poor hubby, sometimes I need to take something down to our basement  - we have a pantry, laundry, extra frig/freezer, and his workshop down there {I KNOW, who has a basement in California? Yes, we're one of the lucky few} - and I'll just stick stuff in front of the door so that whoever goes down there next HAS to take that item with them!  He'll look at me like "why do I have to take that down there?  It's your mess, not mine".  Of course, I usually ask with a wink and a smile if he wouldn't mind taking the item down with him....

All that to say, don't walk away from a room without taking a good look around to check to see if anything from that room needs to go to another place in the house that you are on your way to.  I told you last week that I'm totally spastic when I'm walking around here.  So, maybe it actually works in some strange way!!

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