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Monday, June 28, 2010

Mom said it..."Make your bed"

Yep, Mom always told us to make our beds.  We're just going to sleep there again tonight, so why should I bother?  It takes so much work and effort to make it, too!  Well, she was right - MAKE YOUR BED.  Make it everyday!

A Tidy Bed |

The small effort it takes makes your entire room look so much cleaner and better - even if the rest of the room needs more work.  Have you ever timed how long it would take?  My mom did...and I have too!  It took her two minutes to make her bed.  Two minutes!  Seriously?  I have a lot of pillows and hoopla on my bed and it only takes two minutes.  I have a very visible bed in my master bedroom - anyone who comes over to my house can see it.  So, make your bed.  And, teach your kids to make theirs too!  Don't be lazy....

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  1. I totally agree! I NEVER routinely made my bed as a kid, nor did my parents (except when we would have company, otherwise it was not part of routine), then when I got to college I realized how slobbish it was, so I started making my bed. It takes my kids less than 2 minutes to do theirs...not perfect, but oh so much more pleasant to walk in their room with the beds made and easier for them to play with their toys on the bed with the covers smoothed out! I now make my bed daily too and you are right it takes just a minute or two even with all the pillows. PLUS climbing in to a made bed at night is much nicer than crumpled sheets etc.

  2. Yep...went to college with many young ladies who never made their beds! I never understood what the big deal was to throw the covers over and it was done!

  3. I remember as a child lying in bed, pulling all the covers up to my chin, then carefully sliding out the top so the bed was essentially made when I got out.

    Tammy B

  4. Becky,
    I make my bed everyday too, my mom insisted on our beds being made and so glad she did. You are right it only take 2 minutes or less!
    Is that a picture of your bed? It is beautiful.

    Beth from So Ca

  5. Beth..not my bed! That's from Better Homes and Gardens- can't take the credit!

  6. Becky, I totally agree; I make my bed each morning as well. Another thought for others who don't like making their bed or find it takes too much time is to simplify the "hoopla" around the bed. If it's just a duvet and a pillow, it takes no time at all, and I find the fewer blankets or sheets I have to work with, the faster it is.



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