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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Boom Shakalaka Entry Goes Stylin!

The kitchen update has been amazing! I am truly thankful and amazed every time I am in there, to know how updated and functional it is! But, my entry, which is right next to the kitchen, was looking a bit shabby! So, I realized I had to kick it up a notch so it could compete with the awesome boom shakalaka-ness of the kitchen!

Before: Drab and boring entry area ::

It started out nice, but it needed a lot more pizzaz. I mean, a lot!

After: Entry full of color and pattern ::

Ok, wow! Isn't that just the pop of color that spot needed? Of course! I love this little entry area now.

From drab to fab entry ::

Check out this before and after. Let me explain what I did to make this little area so much more fun!

Small entry with pops of turquoise and yellow with geometric patterned wallpaper ::

First, I got wallpaper! My favorite wallpaper is the kind that you paste the WALL and then put the paper on after - I get it from Walls Republic. I wanted a fun punch of geometric pattern here but wanted the black and white to tie into the kitchen. I chose the Modern Geometric Black Fan Wallpaper {it comes in three colors}. 

Small entry with pops of turquoise and yellow with geometric patterned wallpaper ::

Second, it's probably screaming at you -- the spray paint! I spray painted the entry table in Light Turquoise. It really brings out the whole piece and the details in it. It's not an expensive, wood table - it's not even real wood! But, the black was so drab and I needed that punch of color!

View from dining area of entry with turquoise entry table ::

From the dining area near the coffee/wine bar, the entry has that pop I was looking for!

View of entry from back of kitchen ::

From the back of the kitchen, it's even better! No more drab area. I love the wallpaper, too, it's like a spongey feel to it too. Would you ever paint your table turquoise? What do you think?

From drab to fab entry ::


Rug - Zulily
Wallpaper - Walls Republic 
Entry table - JCPenney
Spray Paint - Rustoleum Light Turquoise
Paint on Walls - Sherwin Williams Morning Fog

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  1. oh my amazing does that look and the flow from kitchen to the new area is perfect! Well done!

  2. Adorable!! And looks so fresh & updated :)
    Can I be super honest for a hot sec? The cute pop of color w/ the matching towels, amazing! But the weird blue curtains don't quite work anymore, in my opinion.... But, don't mind me, I'm super picky like that!! lol :)