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Friday, November 4, 2016

I Hate Packing and 10 Reasons I'm Learning to Like it Again!

I was given compensation from EzPacking to share with you my experience with their amazing product that will make you a much happier packer, too! Plus, I've got a great coupon code for OMF readers...so read on!

If there ever was something I'm happy to share with you, it's that I hate packing. I'm not exactly sure what makes it so awful - perhaps it's the idea that I can't fit everything in that I want or the not knowing what to wear or maybe just the having to put outfits together and not knowing what "mood" I'll be in when I get there. Do you feel my pain? Maybe not, but packing is just one of those dreaded things for me. Funny thing is, my husband can pack in like 5 minutes - well, he actually likes ME to do his packing but he can pick out all his clothes in 5 minutes. Anyway, I digress...

I Hate Packing and 10 Reasons I'm Learning to Like it Again! :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

So, years ago I started using packing cubes and this seemed to lessen the idea to hate packing, a tad. One of the things I hate about packing is trying to get everything to stay put and stay neat in my bag. I'm a fan of the packing cubes - have you used them? Well, recently I was introduced to EzPacking and I have to say that they kick the packing cubes up by several notches, and here's why:

1. I love having things compartmentalized and organized by type of item. The EzPacking cubes are see-through, so I can see what I actually put in the cube. My other cubes, not so much. 

The EzPacking cubes are firm, while others are floppy :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

2. The packing cubes tend to flop - so, while they hold up well when packed full, they are floppy and can get things smooshed. These cubes aren't floppy and I can {literally} throw the cubes on the floor and the clothes in them don't move! You can pack them vertically, also, since they are stronger than the usual packing cubes. 

EzPacking cubes make packing for two so much easier :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

3. While it doesn't happen too often, I can share a suitcase with my husband and keep our stuff organized, but separate. The cubes I have are two colors - gray for him, turquoise for me. I mean, I love him, but some things are meant to stay separate! Am I right? If you want to share, I'd recommend the Complete BundleThe folks at EzPacking can split it in half so that you have two colors for sharing a suitcase. Plus, you get all the accessories like laundry bags and shoe bags that make staying organized that much easier. It's sold at a discount so it's a good deal for families. Notice I use the shoe bags for my husband's shoes, a laundry bag tucked in there, and you can easily put the packing boards {this one came with three sized folding boards} to be able to repack when coming home or going place to place. 

Duffle Bag that folds flat to throw into suitcase :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

4. Let's say that I overpack a tad....and I'm at the airport, weighing my suitcase. What's a girl {or boy} to do? Having the clear EzPacking cubes means I can quickly open my suitcase, grab out the heaviest, least-likely-to-embarrass-me cube, and tuck into my carry on so I don't get hit with crazy baggage fees! There is also a Duffle Bag that came with my Complete Bundle that folds up super flat and the you can pull it out anytime you need it. 

EzPacking clear TSA bag for all your liquids :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

5. Since they're clear, I can go through security with the extra small cube, and it's TSA approved for putting my 3 oz liquids into it!

Use sturdy packing cubes to organize shirts for easy travel :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

6. With the Starter Set, I'm able to get the basics packed in a small carry on bag - saving about $25 EACH bag, EACH WAY by fitting everything neatly into a carry on? Yes, I'd say that was well worth it. A small investment that's both organized and smart, for traveling without having to deal with baggage fees!

Packing cubes by EzPacking that can hold a LOT of clothes when traveling :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

7. With the complete bundle, I can manage to share a large suitcase with my husband when we travel together or my two kids can share a suitcase when we all travel as a family, so we're saving $25+ each suitcase EACH way that we don't bring with us!

Store packing cubes inside suitcases for the next time you travel :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

8. Totally worth it - these EzPacking cubes are by far superior to any of the ones I've used before. They are still easy to store together in a bundle up in my closet or store inside your suitcase, organized and easy! I was able to easily pack 11 shirts in the medium sized one and 10 skirts and dresses in the larger one - and they don't collapse so it was so much easier than the other kinds I've used. 

9. The colors - maybe you noticed, but I LOVE colors. Having 7 different colors to choose from definitely makes me happy and keeps my stuff separate from my husband's. 

Packing cubes help keep things neat and organized, fitting easily into a carry on bag :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

10. Keeps things organized - I can't stress enough how much I love to keep things organized while traveling. This, in turn, makes me a much happier mama and organizer! Also, on a side note, I packed my husband's things for his trip out of town. He was skeptical and not sure he'd like the EzPacking cubes -- came home and told me how much he liked them! 

EzPacking is offering all my readers a 10% discount on your order by going to THIS LINK and you'll get yours! Keep in mind that this is a full travel system with folding boards {three different sizes in the Complete Bundle}, shoe bags, laundry bag, cubes and duffle bag - which I've not seen any other company offer all that! So, you get a lot of bang for your buck!

Pack all this into EzPacking cubes easily :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

So, what do you think? Are you a packing hater? What do you think would help you be a happier packer?  

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  1. My husband used these on our most recent trip and loved them. They kept things neat and organized and made it easy to find what he needed. I'm going to be getting some for myself before our next trip. Thanks for the review!


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