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Friday, February 19, 2016

What Did You Put on Your Walls?

If you live in an old home like I do, or an awkward layout newer home, you might have one of these rooms. Ours used to be our "Piano Room", as we had our piano in there for years and taught piano lessons there, as well. But, it's the "walk through" room, the one with all these doorways and places to go but with no real purpose of anything going on IN the room! It has SEVEN - yes, that's 7 - doorways in this room! There is a fireplace, which of course, no one could ever enjoy since there is no where to sit down and enjoy it! So, that fireplace gets no use at all. We moved the piano into our living room, now that I'm not teaching piano lessons anymore, and I decided it was time to do something drastic and fun in this middle room! Here is a before...

BEFORE - boring sage green wall :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

And, here is the layout that I drew up so you could get an idea of what it really looks like, along with a short video I made on my iPhone of the room in person.

Awkward middle room layout :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

Here's a quick video I made while I was in the middle of prepping the room for paint. This gives you an overall understanding of what the room is and how it works in our home, hopefully!

Out with the sage green - I have grown weary of it - and in with the bold! I painted the room a nice grey and then added an accent wall above the fireplace of houndstooth wallpaper! It looks amazing!

Beautiful gray walls with houndstooth wallpaper accent :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

Bold and beautiful! I just love it! The back door opens and you see this when you walk in! It's so fun and so dramatic! I know it's not for everyone, but to see it in person it's even more happy - kind of like how my front door feels!

Beautiful gray walls with houndstooth wallpaper accent :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

I added a print over the fireplace - it's beautiful turquoise color in the succulent help to subdue the fun houndstooth wallpaper. 

Insert in fireplace painted all black :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

I also painted the insert of the fireplace in black. I don't like the red brick around the fireplace floor, so we have tossed around the idea of covering with some tile work or painting it a dark grey. But, adding this pop of black adds to the many fun pops of color in the room now. 

Beautiful gray walls with houndstooth wallpaper accent :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

The room makes a lot more sense now having it set up as more of a sitting room. People actually sit in the chairs too! Well, the kids do, at least! You can see the door on the left, that's our living room. The door on the right is the utility closet and then other rooms are all around this middle room! 

The wall with the two chairs has a large chalkboard there that I just hung up - and I will be doing some chalkart and sharing that next week with you, Lord willing! What do you think? Crazy or fun?

Succulent art - found HERE
Houndstooth Wallpaper - found HERE
Frame - found HERE
Faux orchid - Home Goods
Turquoise chairs - found HERE
Area rug - Zulily
Paint color - Valspar "Gravity"

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  1. Hi Becky - I like the bold wallpaper! Have you considered removing the doors to the living and family rooms?

    1. We actually love the doors! The best part of having them is being able to close up rooms when we have guests staying with us - it makes into nice rooms for privacy too!

  2. Wow, that was a "bold" move! It turned out great and I bet you're glad you took a chance!


    1. Thank you! I don't regret it for a minute! Becky B.

  3. I love your new look. I think it's the neatest thing that you can do this yourself.

  4. I love the look of this! Kudos to you for having the guts to try and making it look fabulous!

  5. Your fireplace is so well-kept now that I admire it to the full! Nice job! I wish every house would be so attractive!


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