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Monday, November 3, 2014

Top Organizing Blogger Home Tours - Family Room

We spend a lot of time in our family room because, well, it IS the FAMILY room! I've teamed up with the Top Organizing Bloggers to bring you our family rooms this month -- and we want to motivate and inspire you, give you some ideas, on how to get your family room organized and stay that way!

Top Organizing Bloggers Family Room Organization::

Family Room with Kid's Computer Station ::

We each have our own style, so it's fun to see how we all do it. I want to share, specifically, my kids work station with you. 


Family room before::

Our family room has been transformed from where it was when we first moved in, as you can see. 


Family Room After ::

I've done some specific areas of organizing, including our game cabinet...

Organized Game cupboard in the family room ::

...which has now become our craft cupboard.

Organized craft cupboard in the family room for kids to use ::

And, even used the area under the TV to organize the kids Wii accessories and made my own "shelf"!

Made a shelf inside a cupboard in the family room ::

But, I want to focus on the kids' homework station. I set this up a long time ago and it's still used a lot by both kids. They have to take turns using it, of course, but it's the perfect spot for having a computer. I have a large gallery wall in there so it's so personal and sweet!

Kids computer station in the family room ::

It's in an open area of the home - which is really important to make sure your kids aren't alone with a computer, as you just never know what could happen - and we are there to help out if something goes wrong. They can use headphones so we don't have to hear the computer and vice versa! 

Organized desk area in the family room ::

I have a set of the Elfa drawers  that rolls that are used to hold specific things - one drawer to hold library books, another for pencils for doing homework.

Keep cords organized and neat with velcro ::

Even under the work station it's hard to keep organized with all those tangled cords everywhere. I took the power strip and some velcro straps and wrap them around the leg of the homework table

Keep cords organized and neat with velcro ::

Now the power strip is out of the way and I use more of the velcro straps to contain the madness of cords!

Computer Work Station for the kids ::

And, that's how it works! They have most of the desk to work and it's worked well for us for years! Do you have a great way to keep organized in your family room?

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