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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Top Organizing Blogger Home Tours - Kitchen Pantry

Myself and 6 other organizing bloggers are so very excited to start sharing our homes monthly with you. We want to focus on one area so that you can get some great ideas monthly from different styles of organizing. Today, we're heading into the kitchen to get you inspired to get your kitchen organized. I have the privilege of sharing my kitchen pantry. It's one of my favorite places in my kitchen! It's cheery and it's fun - not to mention total functional! 

Inside the small walk-in kitchen pantry ::

Instead of repainting the shelving that was in there, I used white contact paper. I knew if I painted it, with the amount of moving in and out of the containers, it would be only a matter of time and the paint would be messy looking anyway. So, the contact paper works beautifully!

Inside the small walk-in kitchen pantry ::

This is a walk-in pantry and it's truly a gift. Our home was built in 1947 so it has lots of neat built ins, this being one of my favorite!

Used wallpaper to decorated the wall and help things pop ::

You might also notice that I "wall papered" the inside of my pantry. It's wall paper I bought on Ebay, but it's not actually stuck on with glue. I just simply used double sided tape to adhere it. I know myself, I'll be ready for a change in a few years so this was a great solution!

Organizing food in clear containers makes it easier to see when you are low on something ::

Most of the containers I got at Ikea. I bought the chalkboard labels online at either Zulily or Groopdealz when they on sale. I love them because it's easy to change what it says on the label when I use a container for a different food.

Bottles with stoppers on them container all the different vinegars ::

I put my vinegars in bottles with stoppers {also picked up at Ikea}. They look great in there and I love how they all match. I can easily see how much is left in each container at a glance. You'll notice that I use lots of clear jars. I love being able to see how much is left in each container quickly and easily to help me with meal planning and shopping lists.

Use the back of the door for more food storage ::

I use the back of the door to hold even more food. I use chalkboard label clips I also found on Groopdealz to label what is on each shelf. I used cardboard from boxes and spray painted it white to use as a shelf liner since the food would easily fall through the wire shelves. It works great!

Use chalkboard labels and mark the time each pasta needs to cook ::

Since I have taken the pastas out of the original packaging, I mark on each container how long the pasta needs to cook. If I need more detailed instructions, I simply snip off the instructions and tape to the underside of the snap on lid.

Use a tray, have all baking items on it to take in and out of the pantry ::

I have my "baking center" inside the pantry in a tray. It's easy to take the whole tray out and bring to the counter whenever I bake. These are tupperware containers I've had for almost as long as I've been married. You can see one lid is a different color since they replaced the original with blue since the green has been discontinued. 

Keep kids chore charts inside the pantry ::

I have my kids' chore charts inside the pantry. They have daily tasks and lists of what needs to get done before they go to school.

Small walk-in pantry ::

So, there you have it. I hope you've got a few more ideas about how to get your pantry organized - or at least a few places inside of it. 

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