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Monday, January 13, 2014

NO excuses: Why You Have No More Excuses for not Getting Organized! The Kids

Welcome to the "No Excuses" series! Today I want to bring up a seemingly great excuse for NOT having an organized home: Kids!

When that baby was born, were you shocked at all the stuff that came along with this tiny little human being? How can such a little thing produce so many things in one house? And how many toys they seem to get every birthday and Christmas for such a little thing?

I'm going to be honest, the typical reader email I get telling me that their excuse for not getting organized because of kids is typical -- often I hear that they can't get their kids to clean up after themselves, they have too many toys, there isn't enough space for everything, and/or they've taken over the house.

So, if you were me, what would tell that person? I have written a post, recently, about how to get kids to clean up after themselves. I gave specific, clear, directions on how to get your kids to clean up after themselves. BUT, one of the main problems is the amount of toys, papers, and other stuff that comes into our homes. There is a point where you have to stop it...get it out...and keep it out.

I've also shown you that you can keep up your home by having your children help you and even listed out specific chores for your kids. But, as the parents, we have to follow through, discipline, and provide consequences to the kids that make messes but won't clean them up. Otherwise, they will never learn that they are responsible for their own messes. 


I even had my homeschooling, mom of 9, friend, Lisa share how she manages to keep her home clean and organized with kids with her all day in their home. She shared how she makes her kids clean up after themselves when they are done playing with something before moving on to something else {something I have also taught my two kiddos}. 

Now, let me encourage you to start this when your kids are young. Let me encourage you to keep as much outside stuff from coming in as possible. Set the example to your children - don't blame them for having all this stuff if you are unwilling to part with your own things. 

If you have teenagers and are starting's going to be rough -- not going to lie! If you can start setting that good example, letting go of things, keeping things organized, help them go through their things together, give an incentive, or whatever helps your kids, do it! You CAN have an organized home with children. Is this your excuse?

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