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Friday, January 10, 2014

Fabulous Pantry Details {part 2} + a Giveaway

Last week I shared my fabulous kitchen pantry that I re-did with NO PAINT. I never shared the BEFORE and after photos or all the details. So, today I plan to share all that with you and answer any of your questions about how I organize it and what I used.

First, my pantry started off like this BEFORE we moved in {this photo was taken when we walked through the house}, then I organized it with my things, and now it's looking pretty nice!

I have a nice chalkboard {from Ikea} on the front of the pantry door. Sometimes I write out a "honey-do" list or important things, but right now I just wrote the word "Pantry".  

Inside the pantry, I found that I had like items grouped in the pantry, but I didn't like how they looked. I found these GREAT bins at Ikea - they are actually recycling bins, but I bought them to corral the food items in them. 

Each shelf is now "white" thanks to contact {adhesive} paper I found at Target. It was inexpensive and easy. The reason was that I just didn't want to deal with painting these shelves and waiting days for them to cure - meanwhile having to put all my food all over my kitchen. Plus, I knew that I'd be dragging things across those shelves and the contact paper could take a beating and still look good. 

On the back of the door is one of the most crucial areas to use for organizing. I have this back of door organizer and added some cardboard {cut up from some boxes} and spray painted them white so that the cans and smaller jars didn't slip through.

I also used these chalkboard clips on the side of my organizer. I HAD them on the front but I kept getting caught in them with my sweater or top in the top of the clip, so I found that putting them on the side to label looked better and kept me from getting stuck in it whenever I went in and out of the pantry.

Inside I used old frames I had to make the kids' chore charts look snazzy! They were previously inside of a clear sheet protector. I was able to pull the glass and back off the picture frame, hang with command velcro strips, and then slipped the paper behind the frame - very easy and simple. 

The glass airtight jars I purchase at Ikea and online at Amazon. I got the larger spaghetti air-tight jar on Zulily when they had one of their flash sales. The chalkboard labels I got at various places: Zulily for one, Groopdealz.com, and also found out my friend Lisa's Etsy shop sells them too! Notice that in the pasta jars, I put the amount of time on the label for the pasta to boil. I use a chalk ink pen to write on the labels so the words aren't rubbed off but can be easily wiped off with a damp rag. 

And, guess what? My friend Lisa is going to giveaway some of those chalkboard labels today!! Woohoo! She sells these labels in her shop on Etsy - Shop 24 - and has graciously offered for TWO people to win a set of 12 chalkboard labels each, so you can get your own labeling started! If you want to purchase these labels from her, go HERE and you can get your own set and MORE!

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Chalkboard - Ikea
Recycling Bin - Ikea
White Contact Paper - Target
Airtight Jars - Ikea and Amazon
Spaghetti jar - Zulily
Back of door organizer - Amazon
Chalkboard Labels - Zulily, Groopdealz.com and Etsy
Wallpaper - Ebay

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