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Monday, September 9, 2013

How Pinterest can help you get more out of your closet!

This summer I seemed to get into a fashion rut! You know the kind - you look in your closet and you say "Oh, I have NOTHING to wear" and yet you have a closet FULL of clothes. It wasn't like I needed anything. I have plenty of clothes and I try to stay "fairly" current in my wardrobe - outlets, clearance centers, and thrift stores are my main source of purchasing nice clothing at cheap prices! 

So, a few weeks ago, I decided I needed some inspiration and a way to not feel like I had nothing to wear. I went to my favorite place for inspiration and I am SO glad I did - Pinterest!! I found that I got inspiration to put together all kinds of neat outfits that I didn't even know I had! I didn't have to buy anymore - I just needed to get creative. 

I'm not fashion blogger, but this actually helped me with organizing and decluttering my closet - are you surprised? 

Then, I started posting all my outfits on Instagram showing my Pinterest inspiration {using hashtag #pinterestinspiration} and my outfit I made up with the clothes in my closet! Here is the first one I posted, above. I'm going to show you more and some secrets I use to help me out. 

I am now looking at my closet the night before and seeing what I have. So, for instance, the first outfit I typed in "coral dress outfit" into the search bar and I found a whole bunch of ways to use the coral dress both dressed up and fancy - adding the word "outfit" is best I found. Above, I actually was skimming through other Pinterest fashion boards and found the cute skirt on the left and realized I had something that would work similarly and put this outfit together! #pinterestinspiration

Here's another example - I had never thought to put all this together until I saw this picture. I realized I had almost the same thing in my closet/drawers! 

From my experience of doing this the last few weeks, I have a few notes of caution and tips for you:

1. Don't get caught up in seeing things and then envying and coveting that you don't have a certain top or jacket or whatever. Try to find outfits that you can see that you have certain pieces that will go together.

2. Don't go and look at fashion on Pinterest with your husband or son around. Never -- stuff pops up in your searches. Enough said!

3. Try searching using different ways to find an outfit: For example, yellow top outfit, black bermuda shorts outfit, summer outfit, maxi skirt outfit, etc. Notice I use the word "outfit" a lot because that makes a difference on Pinterest. Otherwise you could be scrolling through a ton of just tops or pants. 

4. Don't feel bad if you DO think you want something. Use that with the "one in, one out" rule. Say you see a cute yellow cardigan again and again and realize that would be something you would definitely wear a lot if you had one. Put it on your "list" {I have a Cozi list for those things to look out for and sale items} and then go in your closet and choose another sweater that you could live without and set that to the side. Once you get your new yellow sweater, you put your old one in the donation box - or ask friends on Facebook if someone would like it! Just be careful that you don't go overboard. 

5. Use this #PinterestInspiration as a way to cut down on your clothes. Maybe you do the "turn the hangers the other direction" trick when you wear something. Or maybe you just go through things and realize they are ugly or outdated or don't fit. That's all a great part of being inspired. But, you might also be able to give your old clothes "new life" by using them in ways you hadn't thought of! Go to my Pinterest Board: Style and Fashion for more inspiration of the outfits I'm pinning. 

Whatever you decide, it can help you out of your fashion rut, give you ideas for clothes you forgot about, or help you realize that it's time to clear out some clothes you don't need. Feel free to play along if you find something cute you put together thanks to Pinterest - go to Instagram and post your picture, tag me {BeckyB_OMF}, and use the hashtag #PinterestInspiration so I can see it too! Have you gotten inspiration from Pinterest or another place for your fashion ideas? Or are you in a rut too?

P.S. Many of you have asked about my skirt extenders that I wear with many short dresses. Go HERE and you can find them. I found mine at for a really great price but they come and go within a week and are no longer available. is also another source I use for inexpensive jewelry and clothes, as well as Zulilly. Here are many of the clothes and jewelry I'm wearing in my pictures above. Click on the {affiliate} link below to see where I found many of the my clothes or to purchase similar.

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