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Friday, September 6, 2013

Giving to the needy - and giving from your abundance

How many times a week, month, or year do you go around your house looking for things to get rid of? Well, you should do it - and you should do it often! Giving to the needy out of our own abundance is an important part of our family's values. You don't have to be rich to give something. You simply have to have the desire. 

So, when many of you write to me and tell me you don't know where to start when getting rid of things, THIS is a simple way to start. Go around your house - at least once a month - and just look at things. Really look at them. Think about what things you could live without:

1. Do you have a friend in need who might need that thing? Is it worth hanging on to? 

2. When is the last time I used this? 

3.  Did I know it was here? 

4.  Why am I hanging on to this? 

These are the questions I ask myself on a weekly basis. The more you do this, the easier it is to let things go. Giving them to a local charity or organization is an easy way to start clearing out the clutter.

Having a "one in one out" rule is always my standard. BUT, if you already have too might be a NOTHING in, TEN out rule for you until you clear out much of your clutter. Doing this WITH your children is even more important. But you need to walk the walk - not just talk the talk! Show them by your own example that you can let things go because you simply don't need them anymore. 

I asked my Facebook readers a couple of weeks ago about their favorite charity or place to take their donations to. Here are the places they listed. Keep in mind, many of these places actually pick up from your home - making it even easier to donate!

·       A. The Rescue Mission in our area always calls like once every other month to let me know they have a truck in the area. I love it because it reminds me to clean out clutter and they do all the hauling. 

B. The local crisis pregnancy center.

C. Goodwill and Salvation Army both have drive thru drop offs in our town and I never have anything big so that is the easiest for me. I just keep a reusable tote in the bottom of my linen closet and toss things in it until it is full.

D. We drop off at a place in town that helps homeless teens and teens aging out of foster care. They go directly to the needy people. Not to a store front, which we love.

E. Purple heart and disabled american vets, both of these orgs give the entire amount of money they get for items to the org not the ceo, and they pick up. Just go to there websites and put your address and pickup day in.

F. A place called ECHO (Emergency Care Help Organization) which helps local families who are dealing with catastrophic events happening in their lives. I drop off to them.

G. The local Assistance League. I drop off. They help kids in the community by providing clothing and school supplies to the needy. They also have a daycare for low income parents. It's all run by volunteers, mostly elderly, who are so appreciative and they are very careful with your stuff, unlike the big thrift stores who are not so careful. The ladies will even take things home to polish up or try to get stains out of nicer clothing. I drive a distance out of my way to go there (which reminds me...don't forget that your mileage to and from donating is deductible also). I would always recommend the smaller thrift organizations who really do good in the community and really depend on the donations,

H. Salvation Army. They pick up and all money made goes directly to the needy and not as payment to a big CEO.

I. The thrift store that supports the local animal shelter from which we have adopted two cats over the years. In addition to being a cause close to our heart, they have the most organized thrift store I've ever been in which makes it pleasant to go there.

J. Salvation army....I drive up and they take the items out of my car and hand me a receipt.

K. Mel trotters. The proceeds from sales goes to help abused men & women

L. Our local food pantry has a clothing area also. Great place.

M. Purple Heart, picks up once a month.

N. Salvation Army. They come to pick up and call monthly or so to see if I have any donations for the month. Keeps me organized and neat!

O. The salvation army allows me to schedule pick-ups from my computer. There is also a store about 10 miles away that I can drop off things if I must get it out of my house RIGHT NOW (and sometimes, I feel like that!).

P.Salvation Army drop off, Second Hand Rose, drop off and Habitat for Humanity Pick up

One of my favorite things to do is to schedule a pick up for a charity truck to come by a certain date - then, I start going through the house all that week and getting rid of things I don't need or no longer use. If it's broken, don't give it to the charity - throw it out. Only give them things that are actually useable. Sometimes the "big" things we simply put on our curb {marked "FREE"} and they ALWAYS get pick up by someone!  So, now it's your turn, are you going to start looking around for things to get rid of? If not, why? If so, what charity will you be donating to and do they pick up or do you drop off? Would love to know your favorite places to donate!

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