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Friday, August 16, 2013

Behind the scenes of the garage organizing

Cleaning out the garage is like scrubbing your mouth out with soap! It won't kill you, but it's certainly not fun. I want to show you the behind-the-scenes look at my garage organizing because I think it will help you have a realistic idea of what it takes to get your garage cleaned up!

Step One: Get rid of big things. I got rid of many things. I threw out many things that were broken or not worth trying to give to someone. Have a garage sale or sell on Craig's list or just give to friends who need it!

I gave away several large items that we really didn't need and could bless someone else. Keep in mind, this took a week or more to get rid of all this and move it out of the garage. Here is what I got rid of:
  • Large basketball hoop game
  • Basketball basket holder 
  • Rolling cart container
  • Trash can for balls
  • Plastic shelving 
  • Toddler car
  • Plastic containers

Step two: Throw out broken or nasty stuff. If it's broken, missing too many pieces to make it work, or just nasty then throw it out! I found that in many things. We have a LOT of people and kids over and so I can't always keep track of who broke what or if it gets returned or lost. So, unfortunately, I just plan to replace or buy new stuff every year or two. It's part of having lots of people over.

Step three: Compromise. You know, marriage is about compromise -- and the garage is no different. You both need to be realistic about what can and can't stay in the garage. Talk about what you'd like it to be and how you can do that based on what you have in there. We decided to make our garage into a rec room {recreation} mostly since we have a small basement where my husband has his workshop and most of his tools. The large tools, however, had to stay up in the garage. But, we both agreed that parking the cars in our garage probably won't happen and we're OK with that. We wanted a place our kids could have friends over and they could play ping pong or foosball or roller blade on the driveway...we'll park our cars in there some other day {plus, we don't have severe weather here to deal with like some of you}. If your goal is simply to park your cars in the garage, talk about how that's going to happen. Our garage is technically a "two car garage" but I defy you to fit two cars in there even when empty!

Step four: Do a little at a time. Trust me, we worked on this garage for weeks. There was no way we could've done this in one day. We came up with a realistic plan and worked a little each weekend or day off. Honestly, my husband did most of the hard work. 

Step five: Have realistic expectations. We had a plan to put up the drywall or plywood in there. My husband did that - I can't do that stuff. I did all the painting. We did it - not perfectly, but enough so it looks nice. Remember, we only did 1/3 of our garage this time. 

Step six: Set it up. Get your zones going in your head and start thinking through how you're going to put like with like to work best for your family. How is it going to function? My hubby {the detailed one} drew up this plan on his computer of how we were going to lay out the Flow Wall System and it gave me a better visual of how I'd set up the zones in there. 

Step seven: Organize. THIS step I could not wait to get to! It's my favorite one! After we got through each part, I was just itching to organize it all cause we had stuff laying all over the place. Like with like - zones in zones...all those fun things about organizing that I love! Putting it all away and stepping back to see it look fabulous!

Step eight: Label. I would love to say that labels make everything get put away properly, but it doesn't. However, I still put them on! Most of the time things will get put back where they are supposed to be when I label it. When kids are visiting, they honestly don't know where things go. My kids can help direct them to the right place so it gets put back where it belong.

Step nine: Teach. It does you know good to organize an area that others use and then not tell anyone! So, I always teach my kids and their friends when they come over to please put away "where it belongs" {I use that phrase a LOT}. 

Step ten: Enjoy! Whatever garage "system" you decide to use, whether it's made by you or is simple, you will be happy with some sort of organizing you've done to make it look and feel the way you'd planned it to. You will probably never miss the stuff you got rid of either.

Now, just to give you a few insider things -- I have not finished organizing and giving the garage the full makeover. It's pretty well organized now, but this section of cupboards and underneath I still plan to paint and have some great ideas to incorporate my "theme" of the recreation room. 

The other third of the garage we bought THIS awesome organizer cart for our table and chairs {which half are missing because some friend's are borrowing them} and all our tables. It has helped us tremendously to free up space {all the chairs were formerly  under the cabinets} and keep them all in one organized spot. The golf clubs - we have several sets that are hidden behind the ping pong table - are another issue. We plan to work on this other third of the garage to finish off the recreation theme and total organization! Woohoo! All in time...along with a million other DIY projects we hope to do! 

We also had a little bit of a glitch with our Flow Wall System as it came to our house damaged - but they were AWESOME and got me another set of panels two days later. We took the extra damaged panels and cut the damaged part off and used them on the rest of the walls. So, we actually have more panels now! Yay for us! And, in my honest opinion, this organization system rocks! It's better than I expected - because it takes up so little room and allows for us to have a bigger area in the garage. 

I have many more projects ahead - but don't we all? Am I the only one with a list in her head of things that would "look so good if..."? My poor husband! He's tired just thinking about all the work I want him to "help" me with!!

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