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Friday, February 8, 2013

Turquoise Girls' Room Final Reveal

Here it is! My girl's room is done! Yippee! Turquoise is the main color we're trying to highlight in there. Finally revealing the whole room to you now is pure delight!

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I talked her into painting her room gray versus turquoise. She wanted it turquoise because it is her favorite color {for now}. Well, I explained to her that by painting it gray, it would help her turquoise accessories to "pop" and you'd notice the turquoise more. She decided Mom wasn't crazy and thought it was a good idea. Plus, the gray is so calm and soothing to have in a room where you sleep. 

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Her desk has been cleaned up a bit, thankfully. Her Ikea chair WAS pink. Didn't go at all with her room. So, what did I do? I spray painted it an aqua color! {They didn't have turquoise spray paint at the hardware store, but this was a really great color that went with her room}. And now she has a unique chair in a color that probably no one else has!

I also spray painted the knobs on her nightstand. They were also pink and now aqua. The table lamps were from Ikea. I originally planned to buy some lamps from a thrift store and re-do them. But, these were SO cheap $9.99 on clearance at Ikea. I couldn't buy them that cheap and fix them up from the thrift store, so I went with them. They are playful and fun and perfect accent of color for a kid's room!

You can see, from this angle, her window seat. This is the view from entering her room. We originally had her bed on the other wall. She REALLY wanted to rearrange her room and this is just about the only other way to arrange it. 

Here is another, angle - I'm trying to help you get a feel for the room. Years ago I spray painted her closet doors silver {they were ugly brass} and I use frosted spray paint to make "frames" within each door. She has never liked it - I like it a lot, but she doesn't. Well, she gets to live with it longer until we come up with a cheap conclusion for closet doors!

This cute little "butterfly" chair we got from Target when she first talked about wanting a turquoise room. The polka dot blanket was from Costco last year and the ruffled pillow from Home Goods - make you wants to sit in that chair, doesn't it?

The butterfly picture is from Home Goods. I wasn't planning on getting it, but it couldn't have been a more perfect color and looks just right above her bed. 

The window seat is one of my favorite things in her room. I always wanted a window seat in my room growing up. It's so peaceful, a great place to sit her girlfriends, and cozy! The bonus of having more storage underneath makes it even better. My wonderful mom made her the cushion so that it's removable and I can take it off to wash. That's the whole room - next week I'm going to show you her newly organized closet...I hope you enjoyed her new, big-girl, turquoise room! What was your favorite part?

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