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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The right and the wrong way to organize

Is it possible that for all these years you have been organizing the wrong way? Or perhaps you've been doing it right all along? Today I'm going to tell you the right way and the wrong way to organize. It's pretty simple.

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Let's start with the WRONG way:

1. Trying to organize everything like you see on Pinterest.

OK, Pinterest is awesome. I have a ton of Organizing boards. But, you have to know when it goes overboard. You simply don't live in a magazine. Your home is your home and you will have a lived in look. Be realistic.

2. Expecting it to be easy to clean out a room full of clutter. 

If you've been collecting your clutter for years, don't go into a room full of clutter thinking it will take you 15 minutes to get it looking clean. Not possible! 

3. Giving up after 5 minutes.

On the other hand, a big task will take time. Don't give up. It's going to be harder if you've neglected the area for a long time. 

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4. Never asking for help.

Let's face it, if you aren't naturally gifted in the area of organizing it may not be all that fun for you. But, ask a friend who IS to help you. Or hire a professional if it's really bad. Don't be afraid to ask. You hire an electrician to re-wire your house, why not hire someone to teach you to organize and help you in the process?
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5. Trying to overdo it - taking on too big of a task in too small of a time period.

If it's been a LONG time since you last organized, don't overdo it. You'll likely get burned out. 

6. Putting things in unobvious places.

When you store your kitchen gadgets in the bathroom {which is eww!}, it doesn't make any sense, right? Same things goes for everything you organize. Make it an obvious place, to you!

7. Never putting things back.

I totally get it that you aren't the only one in your house. But, you are to set an example for the rest, while teaching them. Put things back when you're done - where they belong!

8. Expecting everyone else to know your system.

As above states, you aren't the only one, so teach everyone where things go. Nagging isn't always the best, but give appropriate consequences to those who don't put their things back where they belong. 

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The RIGHT way to organize?

1. Using Pinterest pictures as inspiration to motivate you to organize your space.

Never look for perfection or getting "jealous" that your space doesn't look like that. Use it for inspiration and to get ideas to incorporate in your unique space. 

2. Having realistic expectations. 

Big clutter? Big time investment. Small clutter? Smaller time investment. If you keep up with it, it will be easier than if you don't.

3. Looking at things differently 

When is the last time I used this or wore this? Why do you have it? Are you REALLY going to use it in the next year? Even if you do, couldn't you borrow it from someone else should you actually need it? 

4. Knowing when to call for someone to help you.

Don't feel bad if you need more help than most. Ask a friend for help or hire a professional to help you. If you are afraid, find someone who you can talk to about it.

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5. Taking one task at a time.

I'm a little "ADD" when it comes to doing stuff around the house. But, I have to just focus on one area at the a time, one specific task, one drawer...etc. I know it's hard because I struggle with this, too!

6. Label things and put in a logical place.

I don't think you have to label EVERYTHING but label common place things. It helps, it really does. Put things in a logical place that everyone in the family can find. 

7. Getting in a habit of putting things away.

It's not always easy, but organizing takes daily maintenance. Once you organize it, you have to put it back where it belongs. 

8. Teach your family

The biggest "complaint" I hear from all of you is that the rest of your family won't keep things organized. It's not easy. Not all kids are programmed to organize, so you have to teach them. Encourage them. Make consequences when they don't. But, make it fun. Let them start with a small area when they are little to organize. They might surprise you. Teach them about sorting and putting like things together. I also hear from you about your Hubby's - this one you can't nag. You can compromise and ask nicely. But, you can't MAKE him organize if you have this problem. Mine does it about half the time. I just clean up after him - but he's the ONLY one I'll do this for. Some things he doesn't like organized - like his sock drawer. So, I don't - I just throw them all in a big pile like he wants it. Compromise!

9. Be flexible.

Realizing when something doesn't work and be able to change it is very important. I often change up my organizing and try new ways if something didn't work. Don't be a stickler about it having to be a certain way. 

10. Do what's right for YOU.

Never feel like what your friend does has to be exactly how you do it. Never feel like what I show you is the only way. It's not. What I do is inspire and motivate you. What YOU do is take my ideas and make them your own. You like color coded? Go for it. You don't? Don't do it!  

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Do you think that you have been organizing the right way or the wrong way? What are you going to improve in this area? If you are super organized, are you flexible? 

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