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Friday, January 18, 2013

Scooter Stand Organizer

We have a problem with scooters. We only have two children, but we have six scooters. That's on purpose because I like to keep a big supply of them here for all the kids we have over to play at our house -- and I got a GREAT deal on them on Black Friday a couple months ago. So, the problem: keeping the scooters organized, standing up, and from driving us nuts in the garage. 

See, it's a mess! Do you have this problem at your house? 

So, here is my Hubby's solution! He's a genius! I LOVE this scooter organizer! 

I had planned to order some more of these scooter stands. They are great. But, at $5.95 each on Amazon it would cost me about $30 for all the stands. AND, they would move all over the garage floor and be not quite the solution I needed!

My Hubby said he could whip something up with his wood scraps! And he did!

Would like to know how he made it? Go HERE for the instructions and a FREE printable download of the parts and diagram. Do you have a problem with kids' scooters? What do you think of the solution we came up with? 

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