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Friday, May 4, 2012

Project Curb Appeal: An update on the roof

May I just say, things are definitely moving on the curb appeal roof project! Yes...we are now "knee-deep" in roofs! 

First off, I have shown you how our house is laid out. In the front of our house we have a normal pitched roof, as well as in the back of our house. 

Well, the middle room - the family room - has a flat roof over it. This has been a problem since we moved in because there is no insulation in the roof. It gets very hot and very cold. Just having the new windows has already helped a LOT. 

This is the only picture I could find of what the roof line is like. It's from this past Christmas, so that's why it's a weird picture of our whole family eating Christmas lunch on the patio - yes, we eat out there year round! Southern've got to love it :) But you can see the roof lines before - how we have the back of the house pitched and this middle room flat roof!

As you can see, they have now framed up the middle, flat roof so it's now matching the pitch of the other roof lines in the front and back. They raised up the chimney about four feet {I'm guessing, since I'm not the one who took this photo}. My neighbors will certainly have a much better view from their kitchen window - since we live on a hill and the houses are staggered down. They had a view of our ugly flat roof with these big a/c ducts {which they are taking out to put new "indoor" ducting}, so the new chimney will be covered in matching stone veneer {to match our outdoor kitchen my hubby built} and the other chimney will have the same.

One of the big things we decided to go ahead and do is to build an enormous patio cover for our deck. We have been putting a big pop up tent on the deck for several years now. It's just not cutting it! It doesn't last but one season and blows over or the rain collapses it. My hubby built this deck several years ago - it took him three years to build the deck and the outdoor kitchen. Our contractor is building this big steel structure - it's hard to describe, so you'll have to stay tuned to what's going to happen. The structure will have beams that attach to corresponding beams on the roof. In between each of those beams will be large canvas panels that will be able to open and close whenever we want. The front of the structure will have industrial roll-down shades, as well. That deck faces west and it's HOT in the summer - super HOT! We use our deck as a dining room and so this will allow us even more use for this space. 

Here is another look from the other direction. I realize that this has nothing to do with organizing...but, it's what's going on at the OMF household! It's crazy, loud, and exciting all at the same time. I hope to have an update for you on my home office {aka, OMF headquarters} next week. It's going to be FULL of organizing ideas once it's done! Right now, it's a lot of painting! I've been in a super project mode and can't wait to get this office finished!

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