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Friday, April 13, 2012

The Fountain of Succulents!!

If you've been an OMF follower for even a short amount of time, you may have noticed that I kinda like succulents! It happened just a few years ago...out of necessity. It's HOT on our deck and growing pretty flowers was just difficult. I want to show you another succulent project I did recently. The Nester is having a party - plant party - and this is my favorite kind of plant!

fountain succulents planter

It's an old fountain - not even a very good one. It's plastick-y. Not sure what it's made from, but it's not cement. My hubby bought it for my birthday several years ago.

The problem came up that the water here isn't so know, very hard water. So, it would splash on the side of the house and it ruined the old sliding glass door and the walls around it {this was the only picture I could find of the damage}.

Since we JUST put all new doors and windows in last December and then had the house painted, we didn't want to leave the fountain in that spot. Although, it is beautiful to listen to the water from all over the house when the windows are open. We couldn't come up with any other place that would be any better. And, to top it off, when we moved stuff around to paint and have windows put in, it sort of broke a bit!

My sweet Hubby took it apart and disconnected the motor. Then, he took some rubbery/elastic caulking in a gray color {it didn't really matter since it would be covered up by dirt anyway} and caulked the pieces back together and the back cover {in the middle picture}. 

Once that was dried, I gathered my necessary supplies to complete my task! Cactus soil, a big pot of planted succulents and my handy dandy tool {pictured on the right}. The succulents were a good price for a pot full potted together - so I took my tool and split them apart a whole bunch. I also bought about 8 or 9 other tiny pots of succulents.

I took medium sized rocks and put around the middle of the fountain, then used the cactus dirt, and last I set the plants around it to see how they would look. I was trying to get different contrasting colors and textures. My advice is to buy plants small - really small - cause they are going to grow, at least here in Southern California they grow a lot!

Once I planted them, I dressed the soil with tiny pebble rocks. They keep the dirt from coming out and really make it look finished. It's worth that little bit extra time and money to put those on top, don't you think?

And now, here come the succulent shots. I just love them and they just look so beautiful.

Every one of them is so unique and amazing. Happy planting!

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