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Monday, February 6, 2012

For the love of organizing: Portable office

So, it's February and I wanted to have fun with the LOVE theme of the month! I'm not so super crafty and into all the seasonal bliss of Valentine's Day, but I AM always in love with the idea of finding fun organizational products!

I give you my "portable" office. You see, we have this small office across from our master bathroom, just before you enter our master bedroom. It's also got my hubby's organized closet in there. It's really great...but, whenever I work in there {on my blog for hours and hours}, I feel like I am in a cave. It's dark and dingy in there - perhaps some day I'll do a little cheery update. I couldn't get out of working in there cause the PC was in there...until I got my new laptop, recently! So, now I wanted to keep some of my stuff with me without dragging piles of paper all over the house.

Now, one of my BIG flaws is that I'm a piler. You know, I'm the type that just figures it looks messy all over the place, so I take things and pile them up. I'm also lazy when it comes to filing - cause I just don't want to take the 3 seconds to turn around and put it in the filing cabinet, I guess! 

My answer? A file box ON my desk with categories that would be easy for temporary stuff. You know - current bills, kids' papers, my stuff, my ER bill that I kept having to pull out and call about {my love/hate relationship with my insurance company}, my conference stuff, etc. This was stuff that I had to get to, but didn't want to "permanently" file away. So, I'd lay it in a pile on my desk. Shame on me!

But....THIS finally seems to be working for me. I told my Facebook fans {awhile back} I was working on something in my office to get myself more organized but {as a tease, I suppose} didn't say what it was because I wanted to wait and see if I could stick with it. 

I have...and it's working well. In fact, going back to my office - I don't HAVE to be in there anymore. I can now sit at the table in our family room and be social or enjoy the sunshine coming through the window. I can take this part of the office with me when I go there, too. I have my turquoise office file box, my cool green binder, and my curb appeal/project accordian file. I just started the "home management" {green} binder recently. I'm not sure how I like it. I'm actually naming it my "kid management binder" because it's mostly just all my kids' school and church calendars and anything that is needed to check a date for the school year. I do so much digitally that I don't need much else in here.

Anyway, that's it - my little, portable office! Remember how I told you organizing takes practice? Well, I'm not perfectly organized in every way all the time. It has taken me practice to get this organized and under control. Do you have any kind of fun binders or folders you use to get organized?

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