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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

For the love of organizing!

Sometimes I just have to share the times when I find simple organizing so much fun - for the pure love of organizing!

So, this simple and easy tidbit is purely for my own enjoyment - that I hope to spread to you! I bought the above containers at Ikea. It's a pack of six different storage boxes and they come in a flat pack like this.

Pretty neat, huh? I like that they have zippers to zip them up! 

I was inspired when I was at my friend, Nicole's, house and her girls' drawers were full of them. {see above}, in my excitement I decided to use them in my daughter's drawers in her closet. Remember this Elfa drawer system?

Well, it works great, but it needed a little tweaking! Her pants look nice when I placed them in the drawer, but as soon as she would take out the one on the bottom {kind of like the shirt dilemma} the stack was a mess! So, here's what I did!

First I took her pants and folded them in thirds. I do this in my own closet drawers and my hubby's closet too. 

But, it didn't work in the storage boxes right. So, I tried folding them in quarters and that way worked just how I imagined it!

Now they are stacked nicely for her to pull out {without messing up the rest of the pants}, and look at all that room left in the drawer!!

I also organized her pajamas and swimsuit drawer - yes, it's a weird combination of clothing in one drawer, but it works for her! Well, that's it for the fun! Hope you are inspired...have you had any fun organizing a drawer lately?

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