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Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful for Autism!

Wait, what? Did you really just put "thankful for autism" in the title? That can't be right. Who would be thankful for autism?

Well, I would. I'm 12 1/2 years into it. About ten years ago, I would've thought that would be the craziest thing to say! But, I am so thankful for it. Autism seems like a horrible, awful thing for someone to be diagnosed with. But, let me tell you some of the wonderful things that I have learned from my son.

1. I am thankful for autism because our son sees, feels, hears, tastes, and smell things differently than most of us. Once we got him over the gagging of every kind of texture {which took years, by the way}, he has learned to try every thing imaginable. It amazes me how he just wants to try all foods. 

2. I am thankful for autism because he is uninhibited. My son has an amazing way of just telling you what he's thinking. Most of us would gasp at someone being so blunt, but often he says things we are all thinking and isn't afraid of what others think. He's also not afraid to tell others about church and God. He isn't concerned with that fear.

3. I am thankful for autism because he is so loving - my son is so loving to his sister and I. He thinks his Dad is the best thing ever. He's getting big now, and not as into snuggling but he still likes mom to rub his hair or back and hug him. He absolutely adores his sister - my brother was never so sweet to me. He goes out of his way to do things for her, give to her, or just be extra sweet.

Adam and Rachel in Palm Springs October 2011

4. I am thankful for autism because our son has taught me to be patient, to be calm and relaxed {so he doesn't panic}, to be understanding {of all disabilities}, and to be a Mom who loves a child regardless of their abilities or inabilities.

5. I am thankful for autism because it has caused me to realize that I have no control over the future of my children. I never imagined that we could have a child with a disability - who ever does? But, the fact that it has drawn me closer to the Lord and I must go to Him during times of difficulty and trouble.

6. I am thankful for autism because it has made me push our son and expect more from him. My husband has been such an example of this to me. He never let our son get away with things because he was autistic. He just worked harder to get him to understand how he needed to behave. By God's grace, it has made him a much more enjoyable boy to be around. I used to feel badly for the Sunday School teacher or school teacher or therapist that would HAVE to have him in their class. But, the opposite has happened - they tell me that they enjoy him, miss him when he's not there, and look forward to his visits. Oh, this Momma's heart is full to hear that! 

7. I am thankful for autism because it has helped me to help so many of you. My inbox has been full - nearly every week I get an email from someone asking for advice and help with their child who has autism. What a blessing it is to help so many moms. I pray DAILY for God to use this affliction for His glory - and HE has! 
Adam doing some yardwork!

What are you thankful for this week? Please share!

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