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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Having an organized Christmas and YOUR free gift!

Well, in honor of my favorite time of year, I'm going to try and tackle this subject from today {yes, the week before Thanksgiving} through December every Wednesday before Christmas. 

Would you be surprised if I told you that I begin my Christmas shopping in October? I'd do it earlier if I really thought it would help. I know some of you out there who shop in the summer, right? Well, my reasons are not because I'm "so" organized. It's out of motivation to save money AND I have to get all the Christmas gifts for my sister's kids {which now one of them has kids, too} by Thanksgiving. So, I'm motivated to get that started ASAP.

Now, here is my FREE gift to you to help you start organizing your Christmas shopping right now! It's a set of FREE printables! Yes, they are so cute, aren't they? 

Please feel free to pin them and pass them around to your friends. They are great to print up, write down what your list is, then take it shopping with you. Check off each item when you get it done.  It will help take the pressure off, too, by having it organized.

Plus, NEXT week is Black Friday and I know how many of you probably camp outside the store to get the best deals {I don't, but I think about all of you who do}. 

Sit down this week and figure out your entire Christmas Budget for every gift. Decide how you will spend this. I have TEN nieces and nephews - and now a niece who is married with TWO kids. So, I have to keep my budget tight. I can't spend $40+ a kid, you know? So, the little ones I spend about $15 {or less} and the bigger ones {which they all seem to be getting bigger}, I spend about $20-25 {usually gift cards now}. I also do NOT buy a gift for my sister or sister in law and brothers. We all just agreed many years ago NOT to buy each other gifts - just to give them to our little ones. So, no hurt feelings and no extra stuff to buy. We can buy special things for birthdays, instead.


I also give the grandparents the same gift each year - they get a photo album of our family that I've made at MyPublisher.com - they look forward to them.  

It's not super expensive, but it takes me a lot of time and they love those albums more than any gift I could think of to get them.  I can also buy several of them and save on shipping and they usually have a deal before Thanksgiving to buy one, get one free {Grandma and Grammy, pretend you didn't read this}. I have to plan ahead, though!

So, be sure to print your FREE printables and start planning your budget for Christmas!! Do you do Black Friday shopping? If so, what kinds of things are you hoping to get this year?

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