31 Days to {cheaply} Organize Your Home: Day #26 - Hangers | Organizing Made Fun: 31 Days to {cheaply} Organize Your Home: Day #26 - Hangers

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

31 Days to {cheaply} Organize Your Home: Day #26 - Hangers

Welcome to Day #26 of our 31 Days to {cheaply} organize your home. 

OK...hangers are cheap! You can buy a dozen for a couple dollars, depending on what kind you get. You can get fancy or low-end plastic! What about those dry cleaner hangers that come with your dry cleaning? Either way, you can use hangers to organize, too!


I found this cute way to organize flip flops - quite creative for someone with a large collection of flip flops.  Being from Southern California, we live in flip flops a big portion of the year and can have quite a collection!


How about hanging scarves? This is such a simple and easy idea!


Maybe you have a pants hanger that you no longer need?  Organize your ribbon! 


Last one I have...my friend, Julie, came up with this clever way to organize her boots! She took a skirt hanger with clips and clipped her boots!

Did you have any idea you could organize with hangers?


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