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Monday, December 10, 2012

OMF to the Rescue: Entry Way Help!

I can't say that I completely understand what it's like to NEED a mudroom because I live where it doesn't snow! But I DO know that having someplace to "land" and put your stuff down when you come in the door is necessary or your home becomes a place of unsightly messes! I've made my own entry way organization that has helped us. And now...I'm helping one of you!

So, my next OMF to the Rescue is here:

Our entryway and entryway closet are very bare as far as organizers. This was okay when we only had one child but now with three children it seems the closet is constantly spilling over and the entryway is scattered with shoes, wet boots and more. There is nowhere to store everything! The organizing bins I do have are up too high for me to reach (I'm 5'2") and I would love to hide the unsightly bags and boxes stored on the highest shelf. (see attached photos) Do you have any suggestions on how I can streamline our entryway and closet so that things are more organized and so we have somewhere to sit down or place our wet clothes when we come in the door?

Well, here are the pictures to show you what she's talking about.

I've got LOTS of ideas popping around inside my head! So, let me show you some ideas.

Mini Manor Blog

The first thing that popped in my head when I saw this was a closet conversion. You can put in some practical shelving like this so you can put shoes and gloves and mittens inside the closet. It's cute AND practical {click on link under picture for more "how-tos" for this fabulous closet}.

The House of Smiths

I also realize that she wants a bench, so I love the idea of taking the closet doors off completely and putting a bench built in. You could do this not so custom by purchasing a bench that fits inside the closet, putting in hooks, and hanging shelves inside, also.

Haven from the World

This one is just so practical how she used the basic closet organizer you can buy at Lowes or Home Depot to make this closet function well.


And this one, well it's just way cool to have a hidden opening behind the bench!!

Entry Bench and Hooks
I have made my own entry area with a bench, some baskets and hooks and shelf. I actually bought this online but you can find a similar bench HERE and hooks HERE. I love them and the kids are pretty good about using them. Do you have a good storage solution for our entry?

Do you need help? Send me your pictures of you unorganized dilemma and I might help you to figure out a way to organize your specific area.

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