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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How I organize: Family Room Cabinets

I showed you last week how my hubby organizes the audio/visual equipment in this section of cabinets.  

Today, I'll show you what else is organized - or not so organized!

As you can see, this cupboard has a few problems.  One of them is that it needs a shelf - even my sweet hubby pointed that out! But, since he doesn't have the time to build me one this very moment, I will have to come up with another solution!

The other two cupboards, not so bad but they needed a little touching up, too! Somehow stuff was missing and I just wanted to get rid of a few more DVDs.

The first cabinet is our Wii cabinet.  It holds the Wii, all the CDs with it, and Wii accessories. It gets messy and things don't go back where they should go.

So, my plan {without adding shelves} was to make some way to use up that big gap of space.  I found some baskets at Target for $1 a piece that have handles - woohoo!

I took some cuphanger hooks {already had}...

...and screwed them in to the top of the cupboard and organized all the accessories.

Remember, my family room also gets used as a waiting area for my piano student's families, so I have these extra toys mostly for that reason.  I also use my picture on the back of the cabinet door, just like in my game cupboard.

So, I'm a happy Mom.  Yes, I realize that this could either go one way or another - stay organized or not! 

But, I have made it SO easy to keep it organized that if they don't, they'll be responsible!

The other cupboards are now in order, too!

 Before and after:  I think there is quite a difference, don't you?


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