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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How I organize my bedroom: My closet!

Last week, I gave you a grand tour of our master bedroom.  It has come a long way...and it is very warm and cozy now!

Today I'm going to share my closet up close.  My closet comes from humble beginnings...

It looks so clean from the outside!

It had the big, bifold doors.  I'm sure for most people,that would be great.  But, they were hard to open and made the room appear even smaller!  So, I used the curtains as a partition into the closet - my little dressing room, really - and it helped to differentiate the closet from the bedroom, while keeping it open and more spacious.  

Here is why you should always clean your closets when you put your house on the market, cause people like us take pictures of EVERYTHING when we walk through!

The Elfa System I saved up for and bought two years ago has been a GREAT investment. Not only is it absolutely fabulous, but should we ever sell this house, the closets will certainly be a selling-factor for the next owners!  Who wouldn't want to move in and have closets totally organized?  Plus, the system is great because you can totally rearrange things or move things around a bit, should you change your mind {which I've done a little bit in there}.  My only real critique with the closet system is the see-through drawers.  BUT...I came up with a cheap and stylish solution!  Take a look!


You can see right into the drawers and it looked a little messy, even though I had everything folded neatly!


Here's what I did...pretty simple, really!  I took poster board and pretty wrapping paper and made a small insert. {Wedding wrapping paper from Target}.  I used wrapping paper in my kitchen pantry, too!

Here is what it looks like from the back:

And here is what it looks like now when you walk in:

And here are more pictures:

The shoe holder slides out and holds nine pairs of shoes on each one.

Here is my workout clothes.  I have them stacked with stacking file boxes. On the bottom is more of my gear organized by type.

My panty/bra drawer also has the same stacking file boxes.  Gal Pal is an absolute necessity for every girl!  Doesn't everyone have it?

I fold my pants in thirds. My shirts have a trick too.  The box on the floor is my "giveaway" box where I put my clothes when it's time and have a friend I give them to.

My dresses are organized by type and when I last wore it {I try to not wear the same dress in the same month to church, if I can remember}.  The boxes hold all my purses and bags.

Here is my tiny chandelier. It's really a pendant light that my hubby rigged to look like a tiny chandelier and hung it by a cup hook.  I can't have a big one or I'll bonk my head!

Hooks for my belts...I have my blouses hung by color.  My pants and skirts by when I last wore them.  Since we have no coat closet, part of this holds my jackets, too.
A small stool/chair to sit and put my shoes on...outside the closet! Underneath is a tiny "hope chest" I received from my parents when I graduated high school.

So, did you get enough?  It's fun in there and easy to put all my clothes away since it's all in one place.  No dresser in the bedroom, but in the closet, makes it easier!  Come back next week to see how I organize my vanity.  


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