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Friday, February 18, 2011

My very awkward, weird room!

I have this crazy room...really it's crazy.  Here is a quick diagram of what the room looks like:

It has SEVEN {that's 7} entries or doorways in it! It's affectionately named "The Music Room" as this is where the piano is and I teach my piano students.  But, it's got FIVE doorways/entrances/exits.  It's one of the "pass through" rooms.  There is actually a fireplace in there, too, but it's really useless since you can't sit or look at it from anywhere {I secretly want to cover it up with a built in bookshelf}.  I have done what I can to make due with this room's weirdness.

I set up a back entry "launching pad" to hang coats and back packs and store stuff!

You can see our family room through the doorway.

The kids and our dog, Rusty, have a place to put their other belongings in summer or winter.

You'd be surprised what I have stored in the over head baskets...

I'm working on this Chopin piece - the piano is right next to the back bench.

A look out the back door - my entry for my piano students.

The little green bath - gets used the most by our guests.
You can get a glimpse of the side of the entry dresser on the LEFT side...on into the kitchen.

Door way into kids' hallway, another door into living room, and door on the right is utility closet!
Above is the entry to the kids' hallway where they have a bathroom and Adam and Rachel's rooms.

Yes, it's a crazy, awkward room...crazy!  But, we have done our best to connect it with the rest of the house - since it literally CONNECTS the whole house together.  It's smack-dab in the middle of everything. Do you have a crazy room like this in your house?  How have you incorporated it into your house?

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