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Monday, June 5, 2017

The Organizing Itch

This post was sponsored by Formica Corporation
I've got that organizing itch again and so I've been busy trying to work out a few areas in my home to fine tune and get re-organized. I've noticed, and I'm sure you have to, that many of the areas around my home need an organizing update - kinda like my schedule as the kids get older and more independent. I no longer need the big command center area that I once did, but I still need that entry dresser and I wanted to make the space even more functional for our lives now.

BEFORE: Command Center needs an update

I decided that things weren't looking so well and my friends at Formica Corporation told me about a few amazing new products that they wanted to show you, in a normal, everyday environment like mine! So, I agreed - let's do this!

First, I needed to figure out what was the problem because lately our command center area was piling up with more and more stuff. So, I went through and cleared out the clutter on the top of the dresser and got rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff. 

Second, I went through the dresser and determined that I had too much in there, also - surprise! It didn't take me very long to do this process, maybe 20 minutes.

Third, I decided to make this area function a little differently. Instead of having so much stuff on the wall, I wanted something functional yet pretty! This is where I decided that using the Formica® Writable Surfaces came in! I decided that using these surfaces both on top of the dresser and also writeable panels for the wall treatment would be exactly what would work for this area! Formica® Writable Surfaces come in six colors and designs, giving you the opportunity to make lists, jot down inspirational quotes or even doodle. These surfaces, like all Formica® Brand products, are budget-friendly and durable.

  Command Center ready for an update

Now, I can't wait to show you the surfaces I chose and how the project came together....but, you'll have to wait just a little longer before it's ready!

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  1. That's a genuius idea. I like using a white board for our bills.
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  2. Amazing idea!! And every now and then I get that organizing itch too, must-try-something-different feeling, lol. This looks great =)


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