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Friday, November 18, 2016

Five Natural Ways Your Family Can Keep Well This Season

Having a well-organized, well prepared home is key to me. It is a calming and relaxing thing, right? If you don't have that, the chaos can make you feel anxious and stressed. Well, I feel this way about the possibility of getting sick in this season, as well. We like to stay organized and prepared. One of those ways is through natural means and essential oils - we've been using essential oils for years now. And, we are rarely sick in our home, due in part to the use of essential oils and other natural ways. The best way is for us to naturally boost our immune system and to have the proper oil ready for us to do this. I want to share our family's five natural ways of keeping well.

Five Natural Ways Your Family Can Keep Well This Season

I can tell you from my personal experience that the "___ season" isn't really a season, it's a farce! I've got great oils that help me kick that to the curb. I'll share my favorites and you can let me know what your favorite way to boost your immune system is!

First, I use essential oils when I feel something scratchy in my throat or I've found myself not feeling well - the Protective Blend is the most important to me. I combine this with Oregano and Melaleuca and I've got a powerful blend of oils that help me to stay well -- and quickly! I diffuse them {THIS is my favorite diffuser and at an all time LOW price right now}, use in an empty capsule, and/or rub on with some fractionated coconut oil on bottoms of my feet or spine. 

Second, we eat properly as much as possible. I have completely cut out ALL sugar this year {going on 11 months with no sugar} and I am careful to eat organic {from the Farmer's Market is even better} as much as possible and as many good fruits and veggies  as I can pack into my day! And we make sure to get plenty of rest!

Third, sunshine! Here in California we've got plenty of sunshine, but as much as you are possibly able try to get some sunshine in your day! I go for a walk every morning with the dog and enjoy the sunshine on my walks! I also work outside in the yard when I can and enjoy the sunshine!

Fourth, washing your hands. If there is something we all know, it's to wash our hands. We use the Protective Blend Foaming Hand Wash - and we have a dispenser of it at EVERY sink in the house! This stuff will knock the socks off of all those germs!

Last, one of our family's favorite things to keep us hydrated and well during this season is alkaline water. This water {I buy mine in 1 liter sizes at Costco or the local health food store} hydrates you -- unlike sugary drinks, it helps us to have good water that gives us a boost of natural energy. And, if someone isn't feeling well {which hasn't happened around here in a LONG time}, I give them a big bottle of it to drink! 

What are some of your favorite, natural ways that you help to get you through the seasons where everyone around you seems sick?

My wellness information comes from Mercola, who is a natural medicine doctor. 

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