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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Planning the Kitchen: How to Organize Your Budget

Last month, I let you in on a BIG secret that we're getting a new kitchen {thanks to the generosity of MasterBrand cabinets}. To say that I'm excited about getting a new kitchen is an understatement. I've never had a new kitchen or been able to pick out anything new before. We've been married almost 22 years and I've been content with all the kitchens passed to me and made them all as cute and nice as I could. 

My Kitchen Renovation Mood Board ::

I wanted to share with you how I'm working on our budget for this kitchen design and what things I'm getting organized NOW - even though it's going to be awhile before we actually get started with any demo. If you are dreaming of a kitchen - whether it's a big reno or a small budget re-do, you can use these tips, just the same.

1. Figure out what your budget is. I mean, be reasonable, and consider that you should expect there to be extra, unexpected costs so add that in. Whether your budget is $50,000 or $500, adjust it that way.

2. Write down EVERY SINGLE THING you'll need to purchase. I have mine on an Excel spreadsheet. Everything from the light switches, countertops, labor, etc. Because I'm not hiring a contractor to do our kitchen, this is especially important. 

3. Next, start going through and figuring out which items have a non-negotiable price to them. For instance, labor for the electrician or countertops or cabinets that may never go on sale. Over estimate everything. 

4. Then, what dollar amount is left over? This is where you start using your bargain hunting. This is where you have to figure out how to make that budget STRETCH!  I'm going to show you my spreadsheet list of all the items that I am going to need - minus the cabinets. 

5. Now, if you are able, do NOT rush in find deals for these items. I will be sharing with you how I found deals on appliances and where I got my deals on the small stuff for the kitchen. This the reason for writing every single thing down that you will need for your kitchen renovation. This way you don't rush to buy things, you take your time and buy them as they go on sale or when you find a coupon. 

I can NOT wait to share with you the final design. It's JUST about finished and we're ready to order the cabinets. That's a big leap. It takes about 8-12 weeks to order the cabinets. So, in the in between time, I'm spending that time finding bargains and getting ALL the stuff that will be needed for the kitchen. I will start to look for the people that will be helping with the renovation - we will only need an electrician and a drywaller/plasterer for our renovation since my husband and dad will be doing all the cabinet installation and other things. My husband and I are doing all our own demo, too. 

My Kitchen Renovation Mood Board ::

I'd make a printable for you, but I'm really not all that good at those and my friend, Mique, from Thirty Handmade Days has made a really nice one that you can get here and use for your kitchen remodel. 

See the whole renovation here:

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