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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

How to Organize with CARDBOARD - 11 Ways

When it comes to organizing, I'm a big fan of getting the most bang for your buck! Cardboard is one of those things we all seem to have around, for FREE, that we can use to organize! So, I've got 11 ways to organize using cardboard. 

How to Organize with CARDBOARD ::

Organize lights with cardboard ::
Via Pure Wow

1. Grab that cardboard and wrap your Christmas lights around it to keep them neat and organized!

Organize ribbon with cardboard ::
Via Iheart Naptime

2. Organize ribbon, similarly, by using small pieces and wrapping the ribbon on them. 

Organize under the sink with cardboard  boxes ::
Via C.R.A.F.T.

3. Grab a box and wrap some pretty paper on it and organized under the sink or anywhere around the house.

Organize kids toys with cardboard file boxes ::
Via Prodigal Pieces

4. Organize kids toys with cardboard file boxes - this cute felt fruit stand is especially cute!

Organize jewelry with cardboard paper towel rolls ::
Via Blah to Tada

5. Use cardboard paper towels rolls to make a jewelry organizer! Tadah!

Organize a picnic caddy using a cardboard drink holder ::
Via Petticoat Junktion

6. Use that cardboard drink caddy from the local fast food place and turn it into a picnic caddy to organize all your paper goods!

Organize school supplies using cardboard toilet paper rolls ::
Via Bethany Mohta

7. Use cardboard toilet paper rolls to organize school supplies! Such a great and easy idea!

Hide unsightly things like a router or large strip outlet with cardboard boxes ::
Via Organizing Made Fun

8. Use a cardboard box to organize and hide unsightly things - like a large router or a large strip outlet.

Organize scrapbook paper with cardboard boxes ::
Via In My Own Style

9. If you craft, you likely have craft or scrapbook paper. Use cardboard boxes to sort and organize it all.

Turn a cardboard diaper box into a decorative basket to organize ::
Via Positively Splendid

10. Use a cardboard diaper box and turn it into a pretty basket by covering in pretty fabric.

Organize in the pantry with cardboard ziptop boxes ::
Via Our Secondhand House
11. Use that ziptop cardboard box and cover with contact paper and turn it into a great organizer in the pantry.

I love all these ideas! If you need any instructions on how they did this, click on the picture and it will take you right to the tutorial! What's your favorite use for cardboard when you organize?

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