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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Another Amazing RV Update in the Master Bedroom!

If you've been following my RV updates, this one will be a fun one! If you remember, we purchased the used RV back in January and we use it as a guest house in our backyard as well as our main way to vacation as a family! So, decorating it is important to me since it's like a big guest room! The "master bedroom" is the main place our guests stay and where my husband and I sleep when we all vacation. The wallpaper in our RV is pretty reminiscent of the standard "ugly" stuff that goes in there. But, it's everywhere and hard to cover up...I've got plans in the future to cover the rest of it up but I what I really wanted was a feature wall. Something you can see from the front of the RV when you walked it that was welcoming and fun and still gave off a brilliant, beach-colored vibe! Here is before:

RV master bedroom wall ::

....and now!

RV master bedroom wall transformed with wallpaper ::

What an amazing difference, right? Here's a before and after:

Before and After RV master bedroom wall transformed with wallpaper ::

I love the brilliant blue color! I used the same type of removable, repositionable wallpaper that I used in my home office. 

RV bedroom wall transformed with wallpaper ::

Here's another view. I want to mention that the mirror on the wall is permanent and doesn't NOT come off. It makes it rather difficult to wallpaper around, just so you know!  Add the corners and crazy walls in there, and it's not like wallpapering a regular wall! I under estimated how much wall paper I would need. I thought it would be six wallpaper sheets, which when you calculate it work out to be the right amount. 

RV bedroom nightstand ::

However, when you add in all the jagged walls and going around a mirror and having to match up the seems, it just wasn't enough. So, you can't see that I'm missing some wallpaper on the bottom of this wall - but I ordered more so I will fix it soon so when guest use the bedroom it will look fine again!

Before and After RV master bedroom wall transformed with wallpaper ::

So, what do you think? Crazy? Or beautiful?

If you are interested in the wallpaper I used, you can go HERE or HERE to find something similar. 

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  1. cool! I can't see the area you need more paper and can't even imagine how hard it was to match the seams with that design Becky.

    1. I am SO glad! It's hidden...I'm sneaky! Thank you!!

  2. Wow!!! I love this remodel. I'm still missing our RV that we remodeled a few years ago. BEAUTIFUL work!

  3. It's awesome! I don't think it would be good on all the walls, too much pattern, but on that one, it's perfect. Good job!

  4. What a difference! I wouldn't even know where to start with selecting patterns for this kind of makeover. Looks great!

    1. Thank you, Andrew! It's really beautiful in there! Becky B.

  5. Definitely beautiful! Bright and up-to-date and fun! I agree with Fatcat - just enough but not too much.


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