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Friday, October 23, 2015

Emergency Preparedness in Your Home - Being Prepared for a Natural Disaster

A little over 21 1/2 years ago, in January 1994, I was sound asleep in my third story apartment that I shared with my roommate. Suddenly, at 4:30 in the morning, I was thrown out of bed and our apartment was jumping up and down and things were flying through the air and falling all over the floor. It was like nothing I had ever experienced - I am a native Californian and have been through many earthquakes. But, this one was different. It was like someone picked up a salt shaker and shook it straight up and down. It was terrifying!! My finance, John, was across town and was at my door within half hour of the huge earthquake. His apartment was completely trashed and the whole drive to my apartment he said that every window in the city was broken and the tragedy was only beginning. Have you ever been in a situation like that? 

Emergency Preparedness in Your Home - Being Prepared for a Natural Disaster :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

We all know that emergencies will come up in all our homes, one way or another. We all know that natural disasters happen - tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and more. We can never really predict what is going to happen and when. But, we can be prepared. Today I'm going to give you some simple ways to be prepared in your home for an emergency. This, in no way, can fully prepare us emotionally or physically for what could happen, but it never hurts to be somewhat prepared. Right? I would advise that you research the types of natural disasters that can occur in the area that you live in and have supplies in your home that can be more specific for what YOU need. These are just general supplies that we all should have.

We could have another earthquake ANY day, really. We are also hearing that here in Southern California, especially, that we are going to have a HUGE weather system come in this year called El Niño. It's going to bring in much wetter than average conditions - which sounds wonderful, really - but because of the drought we've been experiencing for the last few years, that means mud slides are going hit us, too! We've been through this, back in 1997 was our last El Niño and it was a doozy. This is expected to bring "godzilla like" conditions! Oh boy! 

Emergency preparedness in your HOME supplies :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

Here are some things in a plastic bin in your basement, garage, or closet somewhere in your home that's easy to get to:

  • Non-perishable Food Items or canned goods
  • Can opener {non electric, of course}
  • Water, preferably bottled and/or a water bottle with a special filter
  • Candles and/or flashlights
  • Walkie Talkies {because you never know if cell service could go out} plus they are great to have for camping and for kids to use when they go to a neighbor's house to play.
  • Batteries
  • Gloves {in case you have to dig through debris}
  • Face/Dust Mask
  • Hand crank operated radio to hear emergency information {I love this one because it will also charge your cell phone}
  • First Aid Kit
  • A blanket {or two}
  • Small tool kit 
  • Something to cook on {propane grill or small camper stove} - this small folding stove is perfect and small enough to keep in the emergency box
  • Sleeping bags
  • Water Storage tank - since you don't know if you'll have water or not 
  • Cash

What's great is that if you do any kind of camping, you can store all this with your camping gear and save space, since much of this you would use when out camping -  keep it up high if you have flooding in your area. I recommend you try to keep it all together or as close as you can. In case of an earthquake, I know where I can get to all this easily. I'm not saying I have all of it ready, but I will get there! Do you have some emergency supplies ready in your home?

Last week, I shared how to get prepared for an emergency in your car, it's time we all get prepared! Right?

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  1. I remember that day as my husband and I were living in San Diego. We just felt a little jiggle and were stunned when we saw the damage to Northridge on the news.

  2. I never thought about the walkie talkies, but that makes a lot of sense! I figured cell phone batteries, but that would do no good if the phone lines were down.

  3. I used to have an earthquake kit. I should probably make another one. When I had one, I also put extra clothes and shoes in it for each member of the family. I also put in a few card decks to amuse the kids, and some coloring books and colors for the little ones. I put our kit inside the hall closet instead of the garage. I thought it might be easier to find in the closet. I DID think of putting it in an outdoor storage shed, but figured it would wear as well out there.


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