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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How to Keep Your Kitchen Counters Decluttered - for GOOD!

You’ve cleared the clutter off your kitchen counters and before you know it the surfaces are covered once again. The kitchen is a busy area of our home and easily cluttered….even if you don’t cook. Their flat spaces are inviting places to dump our stuff as we enter our home or pass thru the kitchen.

How to keep your kitchen counters decluttered - for GOOD!

Here are some tricks to keeping those areas clutter free.

  • Routines are instrumental to living an organized life. Develop a routine where you and your family members clear the counters on a daily basis.
  • Sort mail and find a home for the papers you need to keep. Click here for tips on setting up a paper command center. 
  • Wash and put away dishes after the last meal of the day.
  • Are you storing food on your counters?  Weed out a few cabinets or pantry shelves so you can move food off the counters and onto shelving. 
  • Contain the clutter.  Give each family member a labeled basket or bin to hold their miscellaneous items instead of letting their stuff spread over the counters. If the clutter tends to be the paper variety, labeled wall pockets may be a better solution. These containers should be emptied and sorted out once a week to make it a less daunting task.

Next time you’re tempted to ditch your belongings on the kitchen counter, stop and take a minute to put the stuff away.  This  will save you grief and time in the future.

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  1. These are great tips - thanks for sharing! I have also started not to bring thing in to the kitchen or the house for that matter. I'll put it in my work bag and take it to my work and sort through the items when I need a break at work. It seems so much easier at my office desk then letting it come in to my house and start to build up.

  2. Agh the struggle is real. My island can never stay clean for longer than a few minutes as hard as I try. I have tired a variety of these but none has given me long term relief. It's an on going battle in my house. I hate it because when I walk into my home and see the kitchen counter cluttered I just fell let down and overwhelmed immediately.

  3. This looks exactly like my kitchen bench! I made sure when we remodeled it was a decent size but find I have no room fro all the clutter.


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