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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Last Chance for FREE offer from ePantry!

There is only a short time left to get in on the amazing offer from ePantry that I told you all about! It's ending TODAY in just a few hours! {at 6 PM Pacific Standard Time}.

Get the Kitchen Clean Kit from ePantry ::

I just want to add that I honestly LOVE and use both Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyers products and I also love saving time and shopping online. This is such a great company and they have organic and natural products that I just can't find in stores - and for such reasonable prices, too! In fact, I've "tested" out all kinds of laundry detergent brands that say "free and clear" and Seventh Generation is THE ONLY ONE that is actually clear. If you've seen my laundry room, I have two beverage dispensers for my vinegar and laundry detergent and can clearly SEE that the "others" are cloudy and not really as clear as they say! I am a loyal Seventh Generation lover! 

All Natural Laundry Cleaning ::
See this? That's NOT Seventh Generation and I regretted buying this "clear" detergent that is CLEARLY not all that clear or natural - just a clumpy mess!

As far as Mrs. Meyers, ummm, my whole house smells like that beautiful smell from cleaners used here! But, there are SO many more great cleaners and things. I even snagged some organic tampons and maxi pads on there...I've been looking for some for awhile but they were so expensive at the health food store and they are WAY less on ePantry! So, go HERE, check it out for yourself {or click on any of the pictures}! Get your FREE gift and $5 off your first order and FREE shipping!

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