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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March is done, and its been Fun!

This March we have sprung ahead right into Spring cleaning,decorating and organizing here at Organizing Made Fun.  

We hope you have enjoyed this month's posts where we redecorated the RV, did some spring cleaning with Essential Oils, de-cluttered, taught kids to do laundry and even got our photos in order!  

Just in case you missed anything you can find it here. 

Our favorite organized sponsor this month,  ALEJANDRA  has made some wonderful videos for you!  Everything from organizing the closet (using all dollar store products) to my personal favorite video from this month, where she shows us how to better organize our makeup

 Alejandra TV - GREAT video series on how to organize ::

 Alejandra also has a free 3-day video series to get you started organizing your entire life available on her blog at  ALEJANDRA.TV  

Have you ever considered becoming a professional organizer? If you have, go HERE and find out how you can easy it can be!

My FAVORITE way to keep my family organized! It's a FREE app and I use it daily -- like ALL day daily! You need to sign up for this awesome app!

You may also find these sites helpful as you get organized and decorated this spring.

Organizeit banner kitchen

300x250 blowout home 6

Mom agenda organized 160x1602

Mad mimi 125

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