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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Colorful Home Updates

If you recall, I shared with you our native, drought tolerant front yard landscape six months ago. It was a bit sparse - since it was newly planted. Our drought here in Southern California has only gotten worse, so it has already proven to be a smart decision for us to "go native" and we've seen a ton of growth in our front yard in the last six months! I've also added more color to the front yard and other places around our house I'd like to share with you...

Front house curb appeal and drought tolerant six months apart ::

Cute trellises paint a pop of bright yellow for interest in the front yard ::

I love color - isn't it obvious? I needed some more yellow in the front yard to pull in the pop of yellow I have on my front door. You may remember that all the plantings in the front yard are color coordinated to go with the house colors. I had these two trellises I bought years ago and we had gotten rid of the vines that grew on them {there were a bit out of control and hard to keep cutting back} but I saved them - something I honestly don't do often. I decided to spray paint them yellow with my favorite {Rustoleum} spray paint and set them in the front yard as a pretty pop of yellow. The bush behind them will actually grow quite tall and eventually fill in that area of "blank" wall. 

Adorabe kids' playhouse painted blue and yellow with white trim ::

I also spruced up the playhouse in the backyard --- remember that cute, purple playhouse? I painted it with the house paint last year. We also took off the railing that was around the "front porch" as we have a ton of kids here and they had jumped all over it and it was falling apart -- and one of the door fell off and is beyond repair! So, you roll with it and make it look cute even if it's not perfect! I had this cute french-looking aluminum chair that was in need of a paint job and not really doing much in the yard. So, again, I spray painted it yellow and added the "R" we found at a thrift store sprayed painted yellow. My daughter's name is Rachel and she asked if we could put a big "R" on the front of her playhouse! It's still looking pretty cute!

Front yard, drought tolerant planting six months apart ::

The rest of the front yard is just doing fabulous! Can you believe how much growth we've had in six months! It's really filled in - a good reason not to over plant. You can see that the plants that were chosen are thriving despite the very little rain we receive.

Beautiful succulent after the rain ::

We had a few of the plants that were planted that didn't survive - I suspect that the sprinklers weren't getting to them when first planted and I didn't notice until it was too late. But, my mom has these succulents and she gave me four clippings {they are about 10+ inches around so they are big}. You literally plop them in the ground - that's it! So, I did that. And six weeks later they look amazing and are also growing - they actually prefer the ground dirt versus the "fancy" potting soil! This is the photo I posted on Instagram after a much-needed rain last weekend. More beautiful color! What do you think? Do you like a lot of color in your home?

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