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Monday, October 27, 2014

How to Get your Spouse to Keep Organized: Advice from a Professional Organizer

I want to introduce a new helper to Organizing Made Fun! She's going to be such a big help because she's a professional organizer and amazing at helping all my organized and organized-wanna-be readers to answer some of the questions that I just can't answer! Beginning this month, and once each month, she will answer a tough question from one of you! Jill is the owner of Simply Organized and she's amazing!

Jill Annis, Professional Organizer ::

What if you thrive on organization and prefer a clutter-free home while your partner is the complete opposite and doesn’t seem to understand the importance of organization?

It’s not an uncommon situation. As a professional organizer I often encounter this scenario while working with clients.

Unfortunately we can’t control our partners or force them to change their habits. They’ve got to want it and be committed.

If your partner doesn’t have the desire to change, it doesn’t mean it’s hopeless.  You can reduce clutter by implementing the 5 following organizing systems/routines in your home.  As a bonus, your kids will learn lifelong organizing habits.

Get your family to help, everyone picks up ::

   1. Every evening, set a timer for 15 minutes. The entire family quickly tidies up the main living area until the timer goes off. Instruct them to use the time to toss trash, pick up clothing and shoes, and return other belongings to their places.  When my daughter, now 20, was young, I confiscated her belongings she neglected to put away before the end of the day and would then charge her a small fee to get them back.  I have to say I made a little pocket change.

Get your family to help, keep the trash close by ::

    2. After dinner, but before your family scatters, ask everyone to pitch in and clear the table, wash the dishes, take out the trash/recycling and wipe off kitchen surfaces. This doesn’t have to be an unbearable activity. Put on some music and share your playlists with each other. 

Get your family to help, have them do their own laundry ::

    3. Place a laundry basket in every bedroom as a spot for dirty laundry. If it’s not in the laundry basket, it won’t be washed. Better yet, teach your children how to do their own laundry.

Get your family to help, have them help donate ::

4. Create a home for items no longer needed or clothing that no longer fits.  It could be as simple as a paper bag or box labeled “donate.” Make sure your family knows about this container.  When the container is full, drop it off at your favorite charity.  If you enjoy holding garage sales, set a date for your next sale. Let your kids keep the money they make from the sale of their stuff.

Get your family to help, get the ball rolling ::

    5. Spend 30 minutes, or more, a week editing stuff from your home, especially if you have extensive clutter.  Focus on one small area: a drawer, shelf, closet, or cabinet to avoid overwhelm. Purge items until the stuff you have left fits into the space. Do some family members need help focusing?  Work along their side, but only if you can remain nonjudgmental and encouraging.

Do you have a problem getting your family to keep the house organized? Here are 5 ways to get them to do it::

Take it slowly by implementing one system every couple of weeks.  If nothing changes or your relationship is becoming more strained, consider seeking help from a family therapist. 

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