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Monday, September 22, 2014

Procrastination: Organization's Enemy

{This post written by Tiffany, my wonderful assistant}. 

This week I am doing battle against one of my biggest foe's: procrastination.  When I'm overwhelmed with all there is to do and behind on my work and when the house has become a stopping-off point and ceased to feel like home, then I know it's time to tackle this all-too-familiar enemy.

Procrastination: Organization's Enemy ::

When the week is overflowing with activities and the kids are full of needs, it is so easy for me to put off the daily do's and think I'm saving a little time.  I rush out the door without making the bed.

Is Making the Bed Important?

Rush home and dump stuff on the dining room table only to rush out again 10 minutes later.  I leave the breakfast dishes and tell myself I can do it after school.

Is Washing the Dishes Important?

 I "save time" by piling the laundry up to fold "later tonight when I have time."  Or skip today's laundry load all together in favor of doing two loads tomorrow.  I hate ironing, so I put it off and think I can simply wait to do it all at once while watching a movie.

Setting Ironing Aside ::

Does any of this sound familiar to you?  Well if so I am sure you are just perfectly normal! I want to inspire you with the reality that,  while procrastination is normal, it is not actually saving you time.   

In an effort to do battle against my own tendency to procrastinate, I timed myself doing some of these daily chores to see how much time I was really saving!

Check it out!

To make the bed:

Only a minute and a half to make the bed!

That's it! Just 1 1/2 minutes buys you tons of peaceful,organized,tidy feelings that cheer you on all day! 

This is my most important way to combat disorder in my day.  If there is one way to begin to tackle your procrastination problems it is to make your bed.  I suggest getting in the habit by committing to make your bed as soon as you get out of it in the morning.  

Breakfast Dishes:

Less than ten minutes to hand wash and put away dishes ::

It took less than 10 minutes to not only do the dishes dry them and put them away, but also disinfect all the counters and sweep the floor.

From "all done" to All Clean:

Five minutes to get baby and surrounding areas cleaned up ::

Babies are messy little creatures aren't they.  It seems my 10 month old can keep me cleaning up from dawn to dusk.  I am so tempted to let the little things go when it comes to cleaning up after her.  It took just 5 minutes to wipe down baby tray, chair. table and sweep the dining room floor after lunch.  When my older kids were little I would often leave this mess to harden into baby cement between meals...yuck! It takes only 5 minutes to tidy up if you do it right away.  

Keep baby safely strapped in the chair while you clean; you will find she learns quickly to wait the 5 minutes before you let her up.

Here are a few more quick "keep up" times for you to consider:

•Hang up your towel: 10 seconds
•Rinse sink out: 15 seconds
•Shine bathroom fixtures: 5 minutes
•One week's ironing: 30-60 minutes
•One load of laundry folded and put away: 10-20 minutes
•Hang the purse on a hook: 5 seconds
•Put away baby toys in the bin: 1 minutes

I hope you're inspired to think twice before you put off something till tomorrow.  You may save 2 minutes now, however you are storing up loads of stress and mess for later.  You won't believe how quick it really is to keep up with life when you do it as you go. Try timing yourself doing your most-procrastinated chore today!  Let us know in the comments how it went.

Are you a procrastinator? What are you going to do about it this week? What, on this list, do you procrastinate the most?

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