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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Gift of Clean Came to MY House!

This post sponsored by Scotch-Brite but all opinions and views are my own. 
I was compensated for my partnership with Scotch-Brite...but don't 
let that make you think that I didn't really want this for Mother's Day!

My kids are amazing. I am so blessed. My husband has been so good about showing his appreciation to me, as a mother to his children. Life hasn't always been easy. As many of you know, my son has autism. This is a lifelong process. Autism doesn't go away. But, to see he and his sister actually cleaning for me on Mother's Day makes my heart very happy! Of course, little sister is the one who leads the way, but her brother is happy to follow along and help!

Kids give the #GiftofClean ::

So, I've told you we have this amazing outdoor space that my hubby built and we use often. Well, it gets DIRTY! Imagine the Los Angeles smog and pollen all mixed together. Just so you know, smog is sticky and is hard to get off everything. It is constantly appearing on everything - it's black/brown and yucky. We may have great weather, but the smog is yuck this time of year. We use the Scotch-Brite dish cloth along with some of my OnGuard cleaner to get the grime off the grill hood! My daughter used the pink, zebra lint roller to help get the dog hair off the outdoor cushions. 

Getting Kids to Clean for Mom #GiftofClean ::

My kids cleaned all the surfaces, the grill, the sink, even the outdoor couch to get ready for our Mother's Day lunch here at our house. 

Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies baked with love ::

My daughter made me special dairy-free chocolate chip cookies and then cleaned up all on her own. That girl can bake, let me tell you!

All this to tell you that I truly thankful for my kids gift of clean! And thankful to Scotch-Brite for the opportunity they gave my kids to give me the #GiftofClean for Mother's Day! It was truly appreciated!

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