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Saturday, May 3, 2014

All I Want for Mother's Day...

This post sponsored by Scotch-Brite but all opinions and views are my own. 
I was compensated for my partnership with Scotch-Brite...but don't 
let that make you think that I don't really want this for Mother's Day!

Each year, my hubby and kids try to figure out what I want for Mother's Day. Sometimes they do a great job figuring it out - like when I got a spa gift card {oh yeah!} - and sometimes it's a miss - when I got a back-up program for my computer {yes, really!}. It's okay because I know that they meant well and I love that they try to come up with something for me. So, this year I KNOW what I want...

All I want for Mother's Day is a clean house ::

...I want to have the deck and patio cleaned! Don't you think that's something your kids could totally help you with? Mine can. It's a lot of work. Our deck and patio counters get SUPER dirty with all our smog here in Southern California. Even though this time they are using them outside, I will also have the kids help clean the inside a little later in the week, too! Ha!

Give the gift of Clean #GiftofClean ::

So, I'm going to ask for the Gift of Clean! I'll let you know how it goes and if it looks as good as I'm hoping. My daughter saw the scrubbers we got from Scotch-Brite and couldn't wait to try them out - her favorite was zebra striped lint remover which she said she'd use to get the dog hair off the outdoor couch - his favorite place to lay out there! Our indoors couches may need a touch up or two, as well, so we may take it inside later this week!

Guess what? They even did a survey and found this out:

Seventy-five percent (75%) of moms would prefer a clean home on Mother’s Day {1} to being served breakfast in bed.  In addition, sixty percent (60%) of moms would most prefer a clean house over other gift options like candy, flowers and a card. Ummm, yes, that would be ME - anti-clutter!!

How about you, what do you want for Mother's Day? It's NEXT WEEK!!! I am SO looking forward to getting the #GiftofClean from my family...and may have to ask for this year after year!

{1} OmniBus Scotch-Brite Survey, April 2014

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