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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The WHOLE garage is done + a giveaway

It's's totally, finally, done! The last wall of the garage has been painted and organized...and I am delighted! Probably the last wall of our home that hasn't been painted! 

Organized Garage ::

I got the wire shelf and knew I needed to use it to help organize the last of our stuff - which is my hubby and son's golf stuff, mostly. 

Wire Shelf Additions Giveaway ::

It was really the final piece to get that last bit of equipment organized and that side of the garage finished - along with a coat of paint on that wall, also. We bought THIS organizer for our tables and chairs many months ago.

Wire Shelf Additions Giveaway ::

The wire shelf is strong and sturdy. I LOVE having the wheels on the bottom because my hubby can pull it out whenever he's getting his golf bag ready and push it back when he's done.

Wire Shelf Additions Giveaway ::

There are a couple of shelves with liners that are solid work surface liners and I LOVE those, too.

Neatly organized garage ::

If you want to know, this is what real garages have in them - just basic stuff that we use: air supply pump, popcorn machine, dollies, shelves, golf equipment, pop-up tents, tables and chairs...stuff we just need to store in here. But, now it looks nice and neat, which makes this organizing girl very happy!!

Wire Shelves used for organizing golf supplies ::

How many pairs of golf shoes do a couple of golfers need? Apparently, it's many! But, now neatly organized in their cases on the shelves. What do you think?

Party: Remodelaholic
Golf Bag Organizer - HERE
Paint - HERE
Table and Chair Caddy - HERE
3 in 1 Hand Truck - HERE
Wire Shelf Additions - HERE

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