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Friday, February 14, 2014

How to fake, making the Bed!

Have you ever realized how much of a difference in your bedroom {and kids' rooms} it makes when you just MAKE your bed? No,'s such a simple thing. {And, by the way, Happy Valentine's Day!} 

Making your Bed the Easy Way ::

But, making a bed can be complicated OR it can be easy. You see, I'm kind of lazy when it comes to life so I'm always looking for a shortcut or some sort. I'm no different when it comes to making the bed. 

An Illustrated Guide to Making your Bed ::

Sure, I'm all about hospital corners when I'm putting on fresh sheets. But, keeping it all tucked in all week long may not be as easy or practical. So, I simply pull the sheets {we don't need blankets on our beds here in Southern California much} and blankets straight up, pull up the comforter and throw on the pillows -- and it's done!

Making my bed - and having the kids make theirs - is one of the first things we do in the mornings. My kids can't even come to breakfast until their beds are made and they are dressed for school. My son literally makes the bed as he gets up in the morning...he's found an easy way, too! But, above, is my bed. I didn't stage this. I didn't run around fixing things. I just took what my bed looks like on an average morning. Making my bed took me TWO minutes! 

Making the bed doesn't have to be perfect ::

Why only two minutes? Cause I don't want to fuss with it too much. It doesn't have to be perfect. Because most people only look into our bedroom from the bottom of the bed towards the headboard, they don't notice that I have some stuff hanging out. It certainly looks a whole lot better than leaving it unmade - and the more it can look neat, the more it looks organized {whether it IS or not}. Sometimes, it can help motivate you to organize and keep other parts of the room and your home more organized just by starting with your bed!

Kids make their beds ::

And, for my kids? Well, they've been making their own beds since they were TWO! This picture is my son's room. He was at school and I didn't move anything. It's not's okay, though. It's a habit and he's doing fine.

Kids make their beds ::

Here's my daughter's bed on the same day. It also isn't perfect, but it's made! They do it quickly and sometimes with a little more creativity than other times. 

Perfectly made bed ::

What is my point? You can do this small thing to get yourself motivated each day to keep another part of your home a little neater or tidier. It can snowball and gets you motivated to organize another small area. I don't make my bed like a designer or a pro, certainly not. I've learned to fake it. Having my bed made lifts my mood. How about you? Are you a super bed maker? Or do you not care if your bed is made or not?

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