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Friday, January 17, 2014

My garage is more organized

Our garage has such a hard life. It's the one area that seems to be organized one minute and a mess the next! How about you?  Since I am only 1/3 of the way done truly getting the garage organized, I decided that I needed to get another third done and painted it a couple of weeks ago.

We have some great cupboards built in, but they are old - really old. Like probably built in the 50s or older. They are ugly - with a capital "U". My husband put the plywood underneath the cabinets {on the wall} back when I organized the other wall this summer. I haven't had the time to actually paint this area yet -- until now!

I decided that since it was a wall that I didn't really want to notice - so it would disappear - I would paint it BLACK {C+K color: Cannonball}. I haven't had a chance to paint a wall black yet and I was looking forward to seeing how it would be. 

This paint is a primer and paint all in one -- with two coats, it looks great now!

This was touted as GREAT paint for cabinets - even self-leveling - and it lived up to it's name. It is smooth, unlike any paint I've used before. I think it went on best with a brush, even smoother than when I rolled it on. But, it DOES take a long time to dry. It's called Cabinet, Door, and Trim paint with alkatex {water based}. So, if your Ace doesn't have it, you may need to ask if they will special order it or if they will consider stocking it! It's good stuff! The cabinets I painted in a color called Colonial Days

And, the last color I used was this red from Clark+Kensington - called Smoked Paprika

The result? A garage that has nice looking cabinets -- it's our recreation room, so I made some letters for the cabinets to give it some more color, too.

Here is another look at the garage so you can see the two-thirds that I have now finished! The cabinet color along with the red stripe on the bottom of it and the black wall look GREAT in here. The garage is also known as our Rec Room, as we have the foosball table, ping pong table, and other fun stuff in there. 

The garage has come a LONG way and the painted cabinets and wall just make it so much better! I still have another one-third left of the garage to do, but it's almost there! Soon it will be done!

What do you think of my garage?

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