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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hometalk and my FIRST TV appearance!

Well, I did it! I went on TV and talked about organizing...I was SO nervous! Seriously, I thought I was going to throw up when I first heard about doing this. God was gracious and helped me to be calm. I also used a couple of my essential oils {Focus Blend and Grounding Blend} on the bottoms of my feet and Calming Blend on my wrists and neck to help me stay focused and I think I look fairly calm! 

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Anyway, I teamed up with Hometalk to be their representative for the segment. I had ten household Items that you can use to organize with. Unfortunately, we only got to NINE of them because there was some "breaking" news {a bowling alley was on fire}, but Sandra Mitchell {from KCAL 9} was very professional and you can hardly tell she cut me off before I did my last one, which was the cardboard boxes. 

Oatmeal Container:
All you need is an empty oatmeal container, a few pieces of pretty 12 x 12 scrapbook paper, tape, and some mod podge.
Coffee Cans:
Coffee cans come in a few sizes, so all of them make great ways of organizing. Repurpose an old coffee can to hold plastic baggies and keep it under the sink at home. All you need to do is cut out a rectangular hole in the plastic lid, and wrap some pretty paper around the outside of the can and attach either using tape or adhesive spray.
Cardboard Boxes:
How often do you find yourself having a cardboard box (from Costco or a big warehouse, a package in the mail, etc.) and just throw it out? Next time, don’t! They’re actually fantastic organizing tools.
Hangers for Hats:
Hangers are a great way to organize without spending a fortune. By adding on some regular, inexpensive plastic shower curtain rings, it instantly becomes the perfect baseball cap holder.
Trash Cans:
Trash cans are great for more than just trash! Use them to corral things. Balls, or wrapping paper,golf clubs, gardening tools…they are great both indoors and out!
Muffin Tins:
Hang on to those old muffin tins you think you no longer need – they’re actually a genius way to organize! One idea is to organize office supplies in your desk drawer, like I did here. You can also use them to organize jewelry, sewing supplies – you name it!
Cereal Boxes:
Don’t be so quick to throw away old cereal boxes! They’re a cheap, versatile tool to get organized around the house. Cut one in half diagonally and cover it with pretty scrapbook paper. These are great to keep bills, mail, paperwork, etc. in order!
Jars are one of the most practical ways of organizing things. They are easily available, cheap, and pretty! Pickle jars, spaghetti sauce jars, salsa jars….they are pretty much in all our pantries. Rinse one out well and use it to store nuts and bolts in your shed. You can use a little bit of chalk paint to make a pretty label that will also be sure to keep you organized.
Take an everyday drinking cup and fill it with plastic straws. Keep it in the pantry/cabinet for easy access, store make up brushes in the vanity, use it for kids’ markers and colored pencils, in a tea cupboard, and so many other places!
Use a tray to hold all baking ingredients. You can just lift it out of the pantry and take everything to the counter to bake, simple as that.

I have all of these ideas and more on my Hometalk page. Hometalk is the largest social network for home and garden enthusiasts on the web and you don't have to be a blogger to be on there. You can post questions, ask experts, and even share your own latest project. If you aren't on there, you should join and check out some of the great ideas there are! If you're already on there, please follow me there! Use the hashtag #organizedhome in the search bar and you'll find a TON of great organizing ideas! So, what did you think of my TV debut?

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 **Disclosure: I was paid by Hometalk.com to appear on TV and to write about my experience**  

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